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Old 10-24-2003, 08:47 PM
Sassi Sassi is offline
A Little Tornado
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Default Part One: A 30 minute Hairbrushing

It had been a while since Sir had disciplined me, in fact, it had been 6 1/2 weeks. When I go that long I tend to 'act out' more then usual, and usual for me is alot! Going into the session I only had two major things to be disciplined for, I had a couple of 'minor' infractions, but that was nothing compared to the 'major' infractions. Of couse, unbeknownst to Sir, I had something else which I had not come clean' about. In fact, I had no intention of coming clean, EVER! Unbeknownst to me, I would.

Sir had been detained in a meeting, so to pass the time I shopped. He would call my cell when he was ready to meet. I was in the dressing room when the cell phone rang, in fact, ironically I had on a 'naughty' outfit. Black lacey lingerie, before the call I had stood in the mirror , looking at myself just kind of thinking of ways to seduce Sir. Of course I knew I couldn't, but that really didn't matter, I didn't want to think about the hairbrush. In my mind, seduction was a much better distraction then the hairbrush!

"Hello", I said. "Hi Sweetie, are you being naughty" he replied. I looked at myself in the mirror, black lacey lingerie, high heels, black hose. With a slight blush on my face, I replied, "Maybe". "You're being naughty aren't you" he replied. It was as if he was standing on the other side of the dressing room mirror watching, staring. "Well, kinda naughty, I'm in a dressing room trying on a 'good girl outfit' and a slightly 'naughty girl outfit" I replied. "I'll meet you at 2:00", he replied. I felt my tummy turn flip flops as I said, "Okay", see you then.

I stepped off the elevator to see Sir open the door, he greeted me with a smile as he scooped me into his arms for a hug. For a slight moment I didn't think about him disciplining me, I was just happy to see him as we walked inside.

I walk into the room, looked around to familiarize myself with the room. I then spied the implements laying out on the table as I made small talk hoping to divert his attention from why were there to begin, as if I could. Of all the disciplinarians to choose from in the world, I had to choose one who truly loves his role in my life of discipline.

I began to figit and jabber as I do when I know what's about to happen but avoiding what is inevidable. Then out of nowhere, Sir said, 'I think you need to get ready for the discipline'. I diverted his eyes as he said, 'you'll also want to make sure you're comfortable since we have a long hairbrush spanking to take care of'. I hesitated, and once again began jabbering, once again, he told me to get ready for the session.

I have this philosophy, if I'm going to go through something which might not be something I like, why not look good when I might be at my worst! *Giggling* I then went into the bathroom and proceeded to put on a flowing black lacey piece of lingerie, black thigh hi's, a thong and a pair of black heels. I wasn't sure about the hair brushing, but I knew a minute of the hairbrush at a time I could tolerate. In fact, if I was lucky I'd enjoy it with all those breaks! I had 29 minutes coming, however, Sir decided he'd just make it an even 30 minutes.

I came out of the bathroom, of course my appearance pleases Sir. Which is a double edged sword with me. At that very moment, I don't want him pleased, after all he is disciplining me, right? The only reason for the outfit is to divert his attention from the task at hand, then to make me feel better as I know I won't be at my best emotionally, so why not look good. Yes, I know it's vain, but then again I'm a woman.... we make no sense! *Giggling*

Sir then walks up to me, takes me into his arms and hugs me. As he's holding me he is telling me what we are going to do. He takes my face into his hands as he looks me square in the eye to remind me why I am being discipilned and what will happen.

The first order of business will be my 'bedtime' issue. For every 15 minutes up past my bedtime I am to get a full minute of the hairbrush, non-stop. I had accumulated 29 minutes, however Sir decided he'd do an even 30 minutes. He also changed his mind on the timing of it. Instead of 1 min increments, he would do 5 minute increments. I must admit the thought and realization of that scared me.

Sir walked me to the corner, which of course I hate corner time. The waiting, thinking, pondering, sweaty palms, nervousness, hoping it won't be that bad this time and all the additional thoughts that come to mind during corner time is the reason I'd rather stay clear! However, Sir likes corner time! He of course made me stand there, hands behind my head as he prepared things.

After a fairly short amount of time I feel Sir come up behind me. He wraps his hands around my waist and tells me he will first give me a good over the knee spanking. Of course this puts my mind at ease, I like starting out sessions over the knee as it calms me temporarily. He then takes me by the hand and leads me to the couch. I was happy at least I'd be comfy, of course later comfy wasn't going to be attainable.

Sir sits on the couch and helps pull me onto his lap. He begins his lecturing, telling me how I am 39 yrs old, about to get my barebottom hairbrushed for not getting to bed on time, but first I would get a hand spanking.

I take a deep breathe, half relieved to be over his knee, and half nervous to be over his knee. He then begins spanking my bottom.... at first it relaxes me, it's like a false sense of security. At first he makes me want to melt into his lap as if I was there and fit perfectly. Unfortunately this didn't last long, before I knew it Sir began peppering my bottom up one side, down the other with his hand. The smacks were stingie and I reminded him this should be more of a warm up. Of course this didn't settle well, me trying to tell him how to discipline me. I then felt his hand land harder and faster on my already stinging bottom. I tried to dodge his hand, however, he persisted on up, down, around , and over my sit spot. I remember at one time counting him spank one area , the same area five times in a row. I remember thinking this is NOT what I bargained for as I squirmed. Sir spanks differently for discipline then erotic. His technique is totally different, I was wanting to experience erotic, but that was not what he was giving me! I truly can say he can have the best spanking hand, then he can have the worse spanking hand. I was experiencing the worst. He then abruptly stopped! He then directed me to the corner. When I pulled myself up off his knee, my cell phone rang! SAVED BY THE BELL! Or so I thought.

I jumped on the bed, half relieved, half giggling and half happy it would give me a break, especially a mental break. I tookt he business call, we talked, chatted all the while I watched Sir sitting in the rocking chair by the bed as if he didn't mind. He was watching sports. At one point I saw him almost start to fall asleep, I kind of stayed on the phone a bit longer hoping he'd doze! Finally, I was done, I hung up.

My bottom had cooled down and I was quite happy. Sir then stood up, took the spencer paddle and told me to bend over the bed. I saw by the look on his face he was not happy. This was not the same look on the same mans face sitting in that rocking chair watching his sports. Once again, a false sense of security. He then proceeded to tell me that when it came to discipline I was not to allow it to be interrruped, he wouldn't tolerate it. I was shocked, annoyed and down right in disbelief. I looked at him and told him my bottom had cooled down and that I'd need warmed up. He said 5 strokes of the spencer will warm you up fine, once again, he told me to bend over the edge of the bed. I tried to argue, but I knew instantly this wasn't going to be something I could argue. Normally, he warns me, then if it happens again he spanks me. This time, no warning, he just told me that sometimes spur of the moment discipline is needed.

Nervously, I bent over the bed and I was just as nervous knowing my bottom was no longer warm. I then felt him line the paddle up on the fullest part of my bottom. I took a deep breath and in the middle of the breathe I felt the first stroke. I let out a squeal and instantly jumped to my feet. "Maintain position", he said. Once again I bent back over the bed as I felt him line up the paddle along my sit spot and suddenly I felt my bottom on fire, once again, a squeal as I reached back and tried to rub where he had just landed the last stroke. Once again, he demanded I stay in position and not rub my bottom. I then felt Sir line up the paddle along that area slightly below the sit spot, he was laying the paddle about half way down my sit spot and the tops of my thighs. This paniced me as I suddenly felt the paddle explode along that area. I was as if I had just burst into flames. Sir then told me he wouldn't tolerate any phone calls or interruptions during discipline as he landed the final blow to the fullest part of my bottom. I jumped to my feet, grabbed my bottom, said "Yes Sir" as he told not to touch my bottom. I told him I needed to rub it, it hurt, he told me I needed to feel the burn as he took me back to the corner. He put my hands behind my head as he told me to stand there and think about the consequences of my actions. Slightly shaken, confused I felt him run his hand along my bottom, as if he was wanting to feel the heat, yet he would not let me!

Sir then called me over to the couch, I turned around saw him sitting there, holding the hairbrush. My bottom was throbbing a little and I'm not sure if it was from the heat and pain, or from my nerves knowing what was about to take place. I voluntarily went over his knee, it was instinctive and seemed so natural. Once over his knee once again I melted into his lap. He then told me he would spank me 5 minutes straight with the hairbrush, then he'd take as short break and we'd do the other 5 minutes. He would do this in three sets. I took a deep breathe as I began feeling the hairbrush on my already tender bottom. I felt him go up one cheek, across and over to the other cheek, then down to my sit spot, he would apply a few extra strokes to the sit spot before he'd make the same track again. I then felt him begin to deliver stroke after stroke all over my bottom. I couldnt' really get the rythm down, but it really wasn't that bad. I remember he then picked up the pace and landed the strokes a bit harder as he asked me if I was going to try to get to bed on time. I told him I'd think about it, I suddenly felt him land stroke after stroke in a more rapid pace. I began squirming and telling Sir I was sorry and I would do better. Suddenly, the five minutes were over. Hhhmmm... I thought, not bad. I can do this. I took a deep breathe as I felt Sir put some oil on my bottom which hurt a bit, but not too bad! He began telling me by the time he was done with this punishment I'd get to bed on time. I'll be honest, I was relieved and knew I could take this 30 minute hairbrushing. I was feeling pretty good, thinking I'd done well with the first 5 minutes. Suddenly Sir began using the hairbrush again, I felt the strokes land on my bottom. Up, down and stopping to pay close attention to my sit spot area and the spot between the sit spot and the top of my thighs. He'd then pepper the inside of my thighs with the hairbrush. I was starting to handle the pain and knew I had this 30 minute hair brushing under control. Towards the end of the second 5 minutes he picked up the pace which I was ready for. I will admit, it got my attention, but once again, I was in control!

Once again, a break, not too long of a break but enough to give me a breather and allow me to collect myself. In my mind what Sir didn't know is that I was handling this quite well. The first was not that bad. He then took me back over his knee again, I must say I almost looked forward to it. He began lecturing me as he rubbed my bottom with the hairbrush.

He then told me he would do this next 10 minutes straight. I was a bit shocked, and calmly said, 'without a break'? He then let me know, no break and 10 mintues straight. I sighed, but how bad could it really be? I had just taken the first 10 minutes. Certainly this could be dealt with!! I then feel Sir begin using the hairbrush on my tender bottom. I felt him land stroke after stroke on my bottom which had suddenly felt sore when he'd strike my bottom. Delivering stroke after to stroke to my tender bottom was starting to get to me, the realization that he was not going to stop was setting in. I remember him telling me I had 7 minutes left, I had felt as if I'd already been spanked for at least 5 minutes, yet I had 7 minutes left. I was slowly realizing this was not going to be as easy as I had originally anticipated. I began struggling as Sir said 4 minutes left. I felt him landing the strokes harder and harder, faster and faster as I began wimpering a little realizing I might be in over my head. Sir began asking if I was learning a lesson, I was angry as I was starting to realize that this was actually hurting and it was infuriating me. Sir was calmly talking, trying to reason with me while my bottom was bursting into flames under his very own hands. I began back talking as he decided to pick up the pace even more. I felt stroke after stroke land on my sit spot and the top of my thighs, he no longer went all over my bottom but seem to focus on that area which would remind me anytime I sat or stood. I began kicking and whimpering as I tried to tolerate the pain. He was asking me if I was learning a lesson, however, I couldn't answer him back, it was hurting and I was angry and didn't want to be there at that very moment. His voice was so calm as he lectured me yet I felt as if he was attacking my bottom, yet I knew the heat was building, my bottom was hurting and while I was not totally agreeing I was naughty in my actions I knew before long I'd be admitting what I'd done wrong. However, at that time I couldn't as he drove the point home stroke after stroke for the final minute of the 10 minutes.

I don't remember him stopping, I just remember feeling oil on my bottom as i was on the verge of tears, but at that point I was so stubborn I wasn't going to give him the benefit of tears! I gasped as I caught my breath, realizing he had stopped as he rubbed the oil into my bottom again. I winced under his touch and could only think about the final 10 minutes. I barely made it through the last 5 minutes, how could I possibly make it through an additional 10 minutes. My bottom was on fire as I wimpered from his touch. I needed a new game plan, but didn't know what that new plan would be.

At this point I was regretting what I'd done, I wanted the hair brushing to be over but for some reason I couldn't (or wouldn't) admit it to Sir. However, I knew the last 10 minutes would break my will, but Sir would allow my spirit to stay intact.

Sir helped me up off his lap as I was shaking, sniffling, yet not really crying. He told me he'd give me a bit of a break as I'd taken a hard hairbrushing but that he'd have to finish. I welcomed the break as he took me to the bed. I laid on his chest as I had to admit something to him which I had neglected.

I had an issue I needed to discuss with Sir, I had defied him, not reported it (which compounded the problem) I decided to approach it in a hypothetical way.

As I laid on Sir's chest, calming myself down, knowing I'm not a good liar and I can't keep anything from him which we'd agreed to..... I asked......

Sir.... hypothetically speaking, if I were to.........

(To be continued: The final 10 min hair brushing and what I neglected to tell him)
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Old 10-25-2003, 01:24 PM
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Default Sassi

I must say I'm impressed! very nice of you to share that with us members.
A sub that talks the talk and walks the walk! Just paying you a compliment here don't want to affend anyone.
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Old 10-25-2003, 02:32 PM
meyer358 meyer358 is offline
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Default Pictures of Sassi's Discipline Session
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Old 10-25-2003, 02:54 PM
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thank u 4 share
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Old 10-26-2003, 07:23 AM
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Default meyer358

Thanks for sharing pictures with us members. Very effective too!
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