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Old 06-24-2007, 09:26 AM
sicko26us sicko26us is offline
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Default Spanked by friends mom F/MMM

When I was 14 I had a friend who was one year younger at 13, and he had two brothers one was 11 the other was 9. I was over at their house playing the new Mario (the origional Nintendo version) whan there mom came home from work. She walked around the house and went onto her bedroom which was directly across from the living room. I heard her call the youngest into the room and he hung his head low and walked in there. I heard her yelling (something about his chores not being done) then I was completely supprised when I heard her tell him to take off his pants, then I heard her tell him to "get over here" he said "no" and she replied "now". At that point I was getting an erection, I was still at that age where it is hard to control erections but I was definetly getting turned on. I heard through the door "smack" "smack" I could tell through the sounds he was getting it on the bare bottom. "smack" "smack" He started to cry and was pleading for her to stop. A few more smacks later and it was over, he came out of the room with tears in his eyes and said "it was not that bad she only used her hand" I immediately told them I had to go home. I masterbated 3 times that night fantasising about spankings, that was the day I found out I had spanking fetish. A few days later I talked to the middle brother and got him to talk about spankings, he said that he did not get it very often but the younger brother and my friend got it quite a bit. He also mentioned that my friend got the belt, that got my attention and I knew my mission was clear I had to get my friend spanked.

The day came when my parrents went out of town for the weekend and I convinced them to let me stay over at my friends house. I went over there on Friday and their mom was making dinner, she called me in there and told me some house rules. She said their curfew was 9:00 she said they all had chores to do and she wanted me to help do them, I agreed and we all ate dinner. Myself and the two older brothers snuck out of thier room and played Mario until we were to loud woke their mom up, she told us it was past our bedtime and to go to bed. My friend whined and she told him to get to bed or he would be sorry, I was thinking "this is going to be easier than I thought" and we all went to bed.

Saturday was the day everything had to go down, I had to go back to my house on Sunday. I decided early that my best bet would be to get them to break curfew (surely that was a spankable offense). At about 7:30 I convinced the two older brothers to come with me to go to the arcade, I was hoping we would lose track of time and get home late. They did not notice what time it was until 9:00 and they knew it would take at least 15 minets to ride our bikes home. We got back after 9:30 and their mom was waiting for us and she was very mad. She had us sit on the couch and she lectured us for a while she ended by saying that we will be given a good spanking. She looked at me and asked if I was spanked at home, and I said no. She said that my parents said that if I was bad she could punish me like I was one of her boys (I don't think they knew she spanked). I thought to myself, this is not how it was supposed to go, and I told her that I did not want to be spanked, and she said "you should have thought about that before" and I said "I am to old" and she said that I was to old to be breaking the rules.

She went into her room and called the middle brother in, he went in there and I heard her to tell him to take off his pants, I heard him start crying and said "no mom, not the belt" I heard her tell him to lay down on the bed. I am assuming he did because I heard the belt hitting his bare bottom, he was crying uncontrolably after the very first hit. I started feeling bad for geting him spanked, but I had my own problems. After about 10 or so hits the door openend and he came out, he did not have any pants or underwear on and we got a good view of his reddened bottom, when he went into their bedroom.

A couple minets later she called in my friend who was visably upset and scared. I heard the same take off your pants as the other brother. Then I heard her tell him that he is the oldest and he should have known better, he said that he was sorry and she said "not as sorry as you are gonna be" and she told him to lay down. I heard him plead that"I don't wanna" and that it was "not my fault" and "please don't" then I heard the familiar sound of the belt hitting bare skin. After about 5 hits I heard him start to cry, and after 5 more he was really crying hard and begging for her to stop. I was really getting scared, I thought this was going to be a real turn on, but knowing I was next was scaring the piss out of me, litterally I peed a little. After about 5 more smacks my friend walked out he was still crying a little and he did not have any pants or underware on, (I found out later they called it the walk of shame) I got a good look at his bottom and it was really red.

Then she called my name, I was really scared but I went in the room, I saw her standing there with a belt that was doubled over. I saw the bed and there were two pillows stacked on the middle of the bed, and there was a wet spot on the top pillow (I would guess that they peed a little during the spanking). I also noticed that she had a large window in her room with no curtians, so anyone walking by would be able to witness tha spankings. She broke my concintration and lectured me far a few minets saying I was a guest in her house and I need to follow the rules. She told me to take off my pants, I complied, I was standing there in my white tighty whiteies, getting embarassed hoping she would let me keep them on. She told me to lay over the pillows. As I was laying down I thought to myself, I was glad I am getting to keep my underwear on, that would be really embarassing for her to see me naked (until that day noboby had seen me nude). I layed down with my butt propped up on the pillows, she asked if I was ready and I said not really. She said that it was too bad, I felt he reach into the waistband of my underwear and she told me to lift up my hips, then she pulled them completely down to my ankles, then I felt her pull up my shirt to the middle of my back. I was so embarassed I started to cry, I was laying there underwear around my ankles butt completly exposed and proppled up on the pillows. Then I heard the belt flying through the air and I felt the sting, I felt water comming from my eyes. Then another one, I must have moved because she told me to stay still. Another one, I kicked my feet and my underwear fell off, another one, I was crying now. Another, I picked up my butt, and she said that if I did not stay still she would get her kids to hold me. I did not want them to see me getting spanked so I stayed still for the next two. I was really crying, she told me two more. Then she gave me two fast smacks and she told me to get up. I got up and I am sure she got a full look at my front, while standing in front of her she told me to be good for the rest of my time there and told me to go to bed. I left and went to the room, I walked down the hallway bare just like everyone else. When I got to the room they were playing a board game like nothing ever happened. I put on my PJ's and joined them, a little later there mom came in said she loved them and told them to go to bed. We did not want to press our luck, so we went to sleep.

A few months later my family and I moved away, and to this day I wonder how much longer my friend got spanked.
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Old 06-24-2007, 12:06 PM
kinkyag kinkyag is offline
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Wonderful story. Growing up with a spanking fetish that I couldn't put into words but felt strongly, I fantasized about being spanked by a few of my classmates' mothers--especially the comrades who would come to school and tell stories (sometimes exaggerated) about the whippings they received at home. I didn't get many spankings at home, and often wished I could be part of the disciplinary ritual that some of my friends underwent on their homefront.
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Old 06-24-2007, 08:28 PM
Merlyn Merlyn is offline
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Interesting story, thank you for sharing.

I understand the part, when you said, it was a point in your life where it was hard to control your erections (lots of memories here). Watching my buddies get spanked bare never aroused me, however watching the girls, did. I was fascinated seeing their white panties
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