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Old 06-22-2007, 10:40 AM
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Default Watching your sister get spanked

I lived in a large family of eight, three girls and five boys, me being the youngest. If you have lived in a large family you know then very little goes unnoticed, especially when it come to punishments. Typically when ever it came to any of my sisters getting punished it usually ends in a fight with one of my brothers later as they make fun of them. Girls don't seem to take to punishments in quite the same ways as guys do

Anyways, this is a story where I got to see my youngest sister get spanked by my mother. Its not really a big story but one of a little boy's fasination to know "what does it look like when a girl gets a spanking".

It was after school when I came home early and the house seemd to be empty which was great. I quickly went into the kitchen and made myself a peanut-butter and jam sandwitch, than grabbed my books and flew up stairs to my bedroom.

As I was going down the hall I heard voices coming out of my parents bedroom and the door was ever so slightly open! I was 10 and very curious; so I quietly stepped up to the door and peeked through the slit. Sure enough there was my mother lecturing my younger sister that what she did deserves a spanking. WOW, what lucK!

Next thing I know my sister is lifting her skirt and bending over my mother's lap. All at once, "smack" comes the first hit with her hand! Then it is followed by another hard "smack" and not a sound from my sister! Here it starts to go into a bit of a pattern, "smack","smack","smack" and finally I can now hear and see my sister starting to cry and squirm. She begins to start pleading for mother to stop, but she is ignored, "smack", "smack", "smack". At that point I realized my mother has this spanking stuff down to a art. She does not over exert herself, she keeps a steady pace so she can give can give the full punishment without getting tired.

All at once I hear footsteps coming up the stairs, heavy footsteps, "oh shit its Dad!" As fast as I can walk I fly into my bedroom but not before my dad sees me. "Is there someone out there?", my mother calls out. "Yes, its me", my father replies as he simply walks into his bedroom. "God, saved by the bell", I said to myself.

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