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Old 09-02-2003, 08:00 PM
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Default The most embarrassing spanking ever!

I was around 13 (a freshman in high school) when this happened to me. It is not only a spanking but my most embarrassing moment.

In 9th grade during our Spring break, I was at our neighborhood community pool. I was getting ready to leave was showering up. I was attacked by five older teenagers and shoved and locked out of the community pool shower room totally naked (I didn't even know them; guess they just thought it would be funny, I was the only one around who was already naked, having just finishing up my shower). As I tried to make my way back around to the locker room through corridors and hallways I was unfamiliar with, I made a wrong turn or two and got briefly lost. Then, all of a sudden, I felt two, hard sharp, stinging, bare-hand spanks on my butt.

As first, I rubbed myself in pain and shock, but was soon face-to-face with the mid to late 30ish mother of my neighbor and classmate, Tammy. The woman was known for being a strict parent and scolded me for 'prancing aroung exposing myself'.

Worse, before I was able to cover myself, I realized that Tammy, Tammy's older sister Nicole (who was a senior), and another classmate of mine Lisa were all standing on the other side of me, grinning from ear to ear before busting out into laughter!

When I tried to cover myself with my hands, Tammy's mom said something like, ''Keep your hands at your side, young man. If you didn't want to be seen, you wouldn't be out here in the hall. Now, explain to me just what you think you're doing walking around here like that!''

I tried to plead, "But they are all looking at me.''

That response got something like, ''They all have younger brothers. You don't have anything they haven't seen already. Now, start explaining yourself.''

I tried to explained the situation (which seemed like it took forever, but was probably no more than thirty seconds), with my hands at my side as per instructed (probably just out of a reflective respect for a authoritive mother figure), much to the girls lasting amusement. I mean I made no sense... studdering while standing in front of my classmates completely naked (full frontal).

Her mom said something like, "save it for someone who will believe it. We have two options here, I can march you out to the pool area in your present state and find your father or we can handle it the way our family does."

My father would have shot me and there were a lot of people at the pool... "um... I'll choose the way your family handles it" The girls looked at me with a sinister grin.

Tammy's mom grabbed me by the ear and neck and dragged me into the girls locker room. Naturally all the girls followed. She said, "since you put us all in this embarrassing situation (yea real embarrassing for them... jeesh), it is only fair the we all give you a portion of your punishment. Lisa who is not a member of thier family was like, "what do you mean." Tammy whispers something to Lisa and they all start laughing. I'm dead.

Tammy's mom sits on one of the benches and pull me right over her knee. I'm thinking "OH MY GOD, I'm about to get spanked!!!" Yep she starts spanking my bare ass right in from of all the girls who are laughing hysterically. She hit me with a least 50 stinging bare handed spanks, all the time scolding me about what I have done. She instructs me to get up. Tammy's sister then sits down with a big grin.

"You can't be serious," I say. She said, "I did this to myself. If you want we can get your father in here... or you can take it like a man." I took it like a man. I layed right over Nicole's lap and took my spankings... probably another 50. Of course all the girls were laughing hysterically the whole time.

Next was Tammy. She sat down and I layed right over her lap. She says to me "your ass is already pretty red... I'll go easy on you." Yea right, she hit me just as hard as her mother laughing the whole time.

Finally Lisa sat down. I got off Tammy and layed right over Lisa's lap. Tammy's mom said "Finish him off Lisa while I go get him a towel to wear." Lisa began spanking my naked ass pretty hard while taunting me with "I can't wait to tell everyone at school" and such. At one point she put both hands on my cheeks and spread them in front of Lisa and Nicole before her mom came back. I give up... I took another 50 from Lisa. It was finally over.

Tammy's mom told me to get up and turn around. They all looked at my red ass and laughed. She then made me apologize to each girl individually for my foolishness. She gave me a towel, and sent me on my way.

I got my balls busted so badly at school... I mean the girls saw me totally naked and gave me bare assed over the knee spankings!!! I was only 13.

Till this day I still hear about this... even at my 5th year high school renunion.

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