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Old 06-03-2006, 12:51 PM
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Default Nude Punishments

A recent thread got me thinking about how much stricter it is to be paddle-punished naked. After an experiment with me wearing a thong for my discipline, we've gone back to naked. S prefers me nude, and I have to agree with her that it makes a butt-blisterin' more effective. Most punishments she lets me have a few minutes break between series of swats. I like it more because of the intimacy, yet I still feel very submissive, after years of paddling it still puts me in my place like nothing else.

But, I started thinking about one of my favorite fantasies, the naked, witnessed, paddling; or even tougher naked and public! S is very private about it, which suits me fine, but would consider letting someone watch, if the circumstances were right. When I was younger, wilder, and much more open about being a paddle slut, out of hundreds of discipline paddlings, I was paddled nude, with witnesses exactly six times. All I can still say is, WOW, is that ever a tough way to punish. I'm glad I took them, but don't think I'd really like to repeat them, either. Geez, three of them were even given by male paddlers, which, for me, is even more humiliating.

The worst part of a nude paddle-punishment with witnesses, for me, was getting all excited while my ass was getting burned up by the boards. Being male, it's real obvious and was always talked about while you're in position getting swatted tough. The witnesses always seemed to enjoy it a lot, the disciplinarians were matter of fact about it. So.....although a favorite fantasy might be S showing our big-footed daughter-in-law how to punish a husband with a paddle......I seriously doubt I would go through with it, not that that's gonna happen anyway, LOL! That's what fantasies are for me, and where they stay, well..... almost always.....

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