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Old 01-14-2003, 01:35 PM
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Default Spanking my girlfriend and her friend.

Please excuse my spelling, I'm not used to typing this much at one time.
It was about 15 years ago. She was a member of a spanking club I had founded back then is how we hooked up. We had been going steady for a year or so when we were going for a drive and run in to her friend. W stoped and picked her up and continued on our way for a few miles when my girlfriend started yelling at me for no reason. At the time I did not know what was going on, But I soo fond out. I looked at her and told her to behave or she would be sorry. Then her friend said the same thing to her. She then turned around and slaped her friend in the face. Then her friend called her a name that I will leave out. I imedetily went to my house and took my girlfriend and her friend inside, I told them that kind of behivour would not be accepted. It was dangerous to do that kind of thing in a moving car. She said she was sorry. I told her grab her ankles because she knew better.
I then took off my belt and proceded to give her the spanking she deserved. I gave her 50 swats with all the power I had. Then I put her in the corner for 5 minutes. Then she told me it was planed. Her friend wanted to join the club. I told my girlfriend that was not a good way to go about it, She should have asked me first. So I gave my girlfriend 6 swats with my paddle. Then I called her friend in. I asked her if they did have this planed ot and she said yes. I told her to grab her ankles because she was getting the same as my girlfriend, Plus the intation. So I gave her 50 swats with my belt and 6 with the paddle and 5 minutes corner time.
Then I told her friend to appolgise to my girlfriend and she did. And my girlfriend appolgised to her too. Then I said it was time to join. I explained the rules and penalty's and she accepted them. I told her to bend over hands on the wall, she did and I gave her the 3 swats with the paddle to join, She then sighned the paddle I then welcomed her aborad the club. -------------------------------------
This is my first long post here, If you all like it, I have more, Even when my girlfriend and her friend spanked me!
Assume the possition you naughty girl...
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