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Old 10-25-2010, 03:19 PM
AlJames AlJames is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2010
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Thumbs up Uncle Peters Spanking Stories Returns!

Great news for lovers of free Spanking stories and Spanking Pictures/Artwork.

Uncle Peters Spanking Stories
has been relocated at a new and permanent home shown.

All of the old archives are being reposted plus some new and previously unseen material. The site will be updated on a very regular basis.

Thanks for your support and please enjoy the new site.

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Old 10-26-2010, 01:02 AM
LEO XII LEO XII is offline
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Thumbs up Uncle Peters'

Looks Good!!
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Old 10-30-2010, 09:22 PM
galt54 galt54 is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: I live in the suburb of Stockholm called Skarpnack.
Posts: 836

Originally Posted by AlJames
Great news for lovers of free Spanking stories and Spanking Pictures/Artwork.

Uncle Peters Spanking Stories has been relocated at a new and permanent home shown.

All of the old archives are being reposted plus some new and previously unseen material. The site will be updated on a very regular basis.

Thanks for your support and please enjoy the new site.

I just visited the Uncle Peters Spanking Stories site for the first time. I read the story about Lolly. It was really fun, and a turn-on. Lots of good humor about the spanking fetish - dirty old men and oh-so-innocent teenage nymphos who get their bottoms warmed!
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Old 10-31-2010, 10:56 AM
kellypayne's Avatar
kellypayne kellypayne is offline
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Location: NY
Posts: 142
Default I love stories

I have these actual e-mails between 2 ladies they are pretty hot. I have my artsist make up illustrations to go with each update.

Here is a little sample.


Lilly: Ok Lilly for making me hang you are getting a good spanking over my knee.

Dolores: You have to catch me first.
Dolores gets up and runs and hides behind the bails of hay. Lilly goes after her they run around in circles when Dolores sees a ladder and climbs to a loft up above.Lilly goes to grab her leg but misses so she follows her up.

Lilly: Now what are you going to do there is no where for you to go.

Lilly tackles Dolores to the ground. the struggle Lilly pins Dolores down by sitting atop her head and arms she lifts her legs up and begins slapping her bare ass.

Lilly: This will teach you to leave me hanging. That was selfish but now it is my turn to get off.

She continues to slap her bare bottom. Then she turns her over onto her stomach and slaps her some more intermittently rubbing her backside roughly. She rips Dolores's stockings off and ties her hands behind her back.

Lilly: Now I've got you. I am going to spread that ass and give it a good licking until it is blowing kisses back at me.

Lilly spreads Dolores's cheeks and licks her asshole with her tongue sticking it in and out of her ass.

Lilly: You see that saddle your going to get your butt up on that saddle.

Lilly helps Dolores up and onto a saddle that is sitting stable on a stand. She helps her up and puts her feet in the stirrups. then she takes her stockings and ties her feet to the stirrups.

Lilly: That's right I want those legs spread. Now push that bottom out. I am going to tie your waste to that saddle now you will not be able to move.

Lilly walks over and takes a leather strap off a nail on the post. She wraps the strap around Dolores waste and to the saddle.

Lilly: Arch that back I want to see that asshole. I am going to give it a good fingering. Its time for your ass to feel what you gave me.

Lilly sucks her fingers and gets them all wet and slowly slides her middle finger into Dolores's butt. Dolores moans and wriggles a little.

Dolores: Ooohh that hurts a little.

Lilly: Oh it will only hurt for a little while.Don;t tell me you never had anything in your butt before? Well I am going to make sure you feel it now.

Lilly begins finger fucking Dolores asshole faster and as far as her finger will go. In and out faster and faster. Then she sticks her index finger in and begins reaming Dolores asshole with 2 fingers hard and fast.

Dolores: Arrgh oohhh it feels funny.ouch ooh

Lilly: You will get used to it. Now hold still and stop your complaining or I will really give that ass a fucking. You know what maybe that is just what I will like the way you gave it to me. You wait here while I go down and get that cute little strap on I brought.

Lilly goes down the ladder to get the strap on and an extra extension for the inside then quickly goes back up the ladder.

Lilly: See what I have?

She shows Dolores the strap on and the extra dildo. Then snaps the extra dildo in place.

Dolores: What do you plan on doing with that?

Lilly: Well you see this extra dildo is for my ass so now there are 2 one will go in my vagina and one in my ass and you see this big one on the outside this one is going to go in your fat ass. I plan on sticking it deep in your ass. You know Dolores you have a chubby jiggling ass. I love it. I am going to fuck that ass goo, deep and hard.

As Lilly shows Dolores the strap on she sniffs it then licks the dildo that was inside Dolores not to long ago. She gets it wet with her spit. She gets in front of Dolores who is straddled on the saddle and lays on the hay spreads her legs slips on the strap on and pushes one dildo in her pussy, then she gets up and grabs a wooden box in the corner pulls it in front of Dolores face, gets on it and bends over and spreads her ass.

Lilly: Now lick my asshole and get it real wet so I can get this dildo in.

Lilly forces her ass into Dolores face and grabs her hair and pushes her face into the crack of her ass. Dolores laps her asshole like a dog with the flat of her tongue getting it nice and wet.

Lilly: Come on, more get it nice and wet and sniff it sniff my asshole sniff it. I want you to never forget my smell. Lick that asshole the one you just fucked. lap it until it opens up again. Good that's it.

Now with her ass right in front of Dolores's face she takes the extra dildo inside the strap on panty and sticks it deep in her ass then stands up and pulls the strap on panty up as high as it will go forcing both dildos deep inside her.

Lilly: My pussy is throbbing it will not take much for me to get off, but I am going to hold off for as long as I can just to make sure I give your asshole a good long fucking.

Lilly takes the wooden box and puts one on one side of Dolores who is still strapped down to the saddle. She goes over to the other corner and grabs another wooden box and puts that one on the other side.

Lilly: Prefect now I can get up above you and straddle that fat ass. Oh boy am I am going to make that ass shake. This is called a pile drive position. It will make sure you feel this dildo deep in that fat butt. OK stick it out and arch that back some more or I will slap ass. That's not good enough.

Lilly begins slapping Dolores ass with her open hand and back hand each cheek, making it nice and pink. She grabs her hips and forces her bottom up and continues to slap her fat ass which is jiggling all over the place.

Lilly: No more finger now it is time for my dildo. Nothing you can do now Dolores its my turn and your ass is getting fucked but good.

Lilly positions herself and then quickly without warning sticks her dildo into Dolores's ass deep and fast until her pelvis is up against Dolores's ass. Dolores lets out a loud yelp. Lilly pays no mind and begins moving her hips fast with long drawn out pulls and pushes. With every push her pelvis hits Dolores's ass.

Lilly: Now your going to feel me baby. You feel that I do my pussy and ass are throbbing they are grabbing the dildos inside me with every stroke. Oh I am just getting started. Your ass is going to be open when i am finished wide open. Here we go.

With that Lilly fucks Dolores's ass hard and deep and fast without holding back one but.

Dolores: Ooohhh wowo oooooooouuuuuucch.

Lilly: I know it hurts at first but soon enough your ass will be feeling good opening up and wanting this cock swallowing it with every stroke.

Lilly fucks Dolores's ass relentlessly deep and fast without letting up. She grabs her cheeks and spreads them open as wide as they will go and lifts her hips up higher.

Lilly: Get that ass up.Or I will fuck it harder.

Dolores: oooh ooouuuch ooooowowowowow

Lilly pounds Dolores's ass harder and faster with longer strokes almost taking the dildo out completely then re-entering. Lilly's pussy and ass are pulsating strongly with every stroke. She continues and continues and continues with the long strokes almost coming out and re-entering Dolores's ass.

Lilly: That's how I like it long hard strokes. your ass will never forget this fucking. My pussy and ass are throbbing they are both going to cum. I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum.

Lilly slaps Dolores's ass as she pushes her pelvis into Dolores hard.

Lilly: I'm cumming I'm cumming your fat ass is getting me off.

Dolores: Yes yes I am feeling it now it feels so good. Ram it hard.

Lilly rams it deep as she gets off from both her pussy and ass. When she finishes she gets down and takes the strap on off. She then unties Dolores. She lays on her back and tells Dolores to lick the cum from her pussy and ass. Dolores gets on her knees, bends over and licks Lilly's pussy and ass.

Lilly: Good lick it clean. You see it pulsating that's what your fat ass did to me.

Once Lilly is satisfies they both lay back in the hay in Euphoria
I love spanking
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Old 11-05-2010, 06:33 PM
Dmitry Dmitry is offline
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Default Our Uncle Peter is the big talent

All achievements of Uncle Peter is that he is able to copy stories from another's blogs.

For example, he has copied the story "Lolly" and other stories from Mr. Whacker's blog:,

other stories he has copied from my blog:,

other stories he has copied from Alex Birch's blog (R.I.P., Alex!) and so on.

Ha-ha! Our Uncle Peter is the big talent! Has learned how to copy...
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