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Old 04-01-2008, 01:37 PM
Razor Razor is offline
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Default An Old Fashioned Wood Shed Strapping! F/m

For most of my adult life, I’ve always fantasized about enduring a severe punishment in an old fashioned wood shed in the middle of the flat lands of Kansas city or at the base of the mountains here in Colorado. As a lot of you know, my favorite implement to use and to receive punishment with is an old fashion razor strap or a thick & heavy punishment strap. Basically, a leather implement that is as loud as a rifle shot upon impact along with the capability to knock the wind out of me with each merciless stroke, is what I prefer.

My fantasy begins with me dressed in blue overalls with a white T-shirt and black or gray boxer briefs underneath. An angry farmer’s wife (Veronica) catches me shooting quail or pheasants on her property without permission. As Veronica hears the shotgun blasts going off, she catches up to me on horse back. She is none too thrilled to see me on her private land as I’m emptying shell casings all over her farmland and picking up my prey as I’m walking her field. Veronica gets down off of her big black quarter horse and walks up to me to ask exactly what the hell I'm doing on her land without her permission.

As I’m surprised by her presence, I attempt to stammer and meet her reply with telling her that I was out getting some early morning bird hunting in before I run off to school. This excuse does not work with her at all. An angry and tight lipped Veronica immediately begins lecturing me on her feelings and views of trespassing and hunting on her property without her permission. I can’t help but be silent and listen as I see and feel a considerable amount of anger blazing in her big blue eyes. The light prairie wind blows her thick blonde hair past her high cheek bones as I listen to the choices she gives me. Since the county sheriff is a good friend of hers, I am given the choice of facing charges of trespassing and hunting on private land without permission OR I can be dealt with privately on her terms.

I feel a slight chill in the air as I respectfully ask her what her terms would entail instead of having to be charged and arrested. I see a slight smile and sadistic gleam in her eyes when she inquires as to when was the last time I received a good old fashioned strapping. I mumbled that it had been a few years. Veronica, happily and condescendingly tells me that it just might be time for another. At this point I’m so scared; I don’t know what to do next. As Veronica senses this, she demands that I hand over my shotgun and the freshly shot fowl I have in the back of my hunting vest. Next, I’m instructed to follow her about 90 meters to her nearby wood shed. I’m already as frightened as I begin to consider what might happen to my backside once we get there. As we come to the side of the shed, Veronica climbs off her horse, and asks me if I’d rather take a hard strapping for pissing her off or would I rather be arrested. Reluctantly, I opt for the strapping. I see that little sadistic smile she's wearing as she instructs me to enter the woodshed. I noticed the scent of freshly cut oak and maple wood as I could see a wooden sawhorse in the center of the shed. On the wall in front of me, was a heavy leather strap that looked well used and quite intimidating. I could already tell that I was in for one serious world of hurt. I hadn’t been strapped & punished since grade school, but I could tell that this was about to change. Veronica entered the shed behind me and placed a riding blanket on top of the saw horse. She then turned to my side and told me to get my overalls down and arch over the saw horse. As I did as I was told, she could see me shaking a bit with fear. The next instruction was for me to lower my briefs and get over the damned sawhorse. She had a considerable command presence over me as I looked up and to my left and saw her watching my every move.

I was told to get them down quickly as she reached for the strap hanging on the wall. I slowly arched my hips over the saw horse and I heard a sharp crack of the leather as she slapped it against her hand. That was the sound I would be hearing across my own bare bottom very shortly. Veronica took her position behind me as she slapped my quivering bare with her hand. She took a steady breath and laid the strap across my bottom as I kept my palms flat on the sheds floor filled with fresh saw dust. I could already tell that strap was mean and heavy. I was then instructed to hold my position and not to move or else I’d get it harder. Every muscle in my body was tense and tight as I mentally anticipated the first stroke. A heavy & sharp thud came crashing down across both of my bare cheeks. A surge of pain shocked my entire body as Veronica took charge with her strap. She was fast and considerably accurate with her strokes as I gritted my teeth and took her furious punishment with all the mental discipline that I could muster. I remember looking down and slightly behind with some anticipation as I saw her well polished dark brown riding boots pivoting with each stroke as the strap landed with hell’s fury across my quivering bottom. I wasn’t sure just how much more I could take. Seeing her muscular thighs in her tan jodfers as she punished my deserving ass helped me to concentrate on the shear pain of my predicament. It was obvious that Veronica worked out heavily as I would look up and turn my eyes to sneak a corner peak at her hard and perfectly round derriere as she continued with her follow through of each painful stroke. She could tell what I was doing, and after about 40 hard & full force strokes, she stopped and instructed me to keep my head and eyes forward and stop fidgeting. Veronica continued to lecture me on the importance of asking her permission before I go stomping upon her land again and shooting up everything I see within God’s creation. All I could utter was a simple Yes Ma’am, as she took a close look at my bottom. Her handy work thus far, had left my bottom in some sad but well deserved painful shape. My swollen cheeks that were beginning to display some black & blue bruises were on display for her to consider what to do next. I was thinking that I couldn’t possibly take anymore. I was beginning to grow numb from the pain. Veronica’s throwing arm and shoulder were beginning to ache as well. But, she wanted to solidify my manners lesson here before she’d let me go.

I was told to stay on the sawhorse and that we were not quite finished yet. I let out a deep breath and wondered what this sadistic woman was going to throw at me next. Veronica reached up toward the sheds ceiling and pulled out a wooden paddle. This damn thing must have been about 20" long and about 3/4" thick. The paddle was oval shaped and obviously hand made out of a light colored oak or blonde Maplewood. I saw the paddle and I saw the furious look in her eyes. Veronica tapped its blade against her palm and told me to grab the legs of the sawhorse and keep my toes on the ground. My punishment was yet to be solidified and I was to take a deep breath and hold on for one minute longer. As she stood behind me and still slightly in my eye line, I noticed Veronica unbuttoning the top two buttons of her white blouse. She was beginning to break a sweat as her bountiful and hard breasts were heaving from the work out she’d sustained during my punishment. Although my body was still overwhelmed from my suffering, I forgot about the pain for a few brief seconds as I turned my head around to gaze upon her hard chest and her big blue eyes which stared right through me. With a nurturing tone, she came close and told me to keep my head down and take a grip. At this point, I felt a surge of mental strength from her that gave me a significant amount of energy to obey her command with a considerable amount of gusto. I lost all fear that I was feeling as I dutifully gripped the legs of the sawhorse.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I felt the first of 12 hard strokes from her paddle. I was already numb from her strapping but the paddling really began to instill a whole other level of pain in which I’d never dreamed of. Another surprising aspect for me was that I was feeling a considerable amount of emotional pleasure from her attention and the punishment. The paddling itself, felt heavy and the board could have been slicing through my skin for all I knew. I just wanted to take every bit of punishment in which Veronica was administering. I’d never felt anything so heavy and I was sweating quite a bit as she landed her strokes with pristine accuracy just as she did with the strap. I honestly can’t remember counting out all 12 paddle strokes. When it was over, I felt her hand on my back as she instructed me to stand up slowly. My mind was gone within a wonderful state of bliss. This wicked woman had literally showed me what Bliss on Tap really was (the hard way). My ass was hot and pulsating with a dull throb as Veronica handed me a damp towel and told me to wipe my blood off her paddle. I was a bit shocked when she handed me the board, I didn’t know she’d broken skin. As I wiped the board clean, she instructed me to get dressed as she walked out of the shed. I was still in awe and in a mild state of shock. I finished up and placed the paddle on a nearby work bench and turned and looked at my backside which was displaying a perfect set of crimson bulls eyes, outlined with black & blue abrasions from Veronica’s strap. I dabbed at my flesh wounds with the towel before I pulled my briefs and overalls back up.

I walked out of the shed, and saw Veronica back on her horse with a Honduran Punch cigar clinched in her teeth as she was waiting for me. I looked up at her as I tried to regain my composure. She was holding my Browning double barrel in her right hand as she told me to think about what I had done. I was further instructed to come back in one month to reclaim my shotgun after I’d had a chance to re-think my morning’s irresponsibility and to hurry up and get to my morning class. As she galloped off, I quickly ran across the field to my truck and drove to the main campus. As I grabbed my file-o-fax and books, I made my way to my 9AM Social Psychology class. I have to admit that it was difficult to pay attention to the lecture while sitting on a sore ass while I conjectured and mentally reviewed what had just happened to me that morning. It was a considerable challenge to take notes that morning with a raging hard-on along with my thoughts racing through my mind as to what I could possibly do to repeat this morning’s activities when I'm to report back to Veronica in one month’s time from now.

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Old 04-01-2008, 03:56 PM
AzSpanks AzSpanks is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Posts: 553

Thank you for the “woodshed” story. Although I enjoyed the story, what more attracted my attention is the reference to woodsheds. It appears to me that the spanking fetish is almost internationally universal, as it seems to have attraction in all parts of the world for some percentage of the population; however there seem to be culturally specific “flags” that trigger the association and fetish, based on norms and cultural differences. Woodshed spanking, I suspect, is very American, and I kind of wonder if our friends in the rest of the world, Europe, England, Asia, have this same spanking fetish connection. The word and concept “woodshed” are virtually synonymous with spanking in my mind. I was kind of trying to get at this culturally specific aspect of spanking in my post about canes and caning. Likewise, your reference to “the strap” in your woodshed story is also an example, I think, of a cultural spanking bias as well – for some spanking is all about leather and for others it is unrelated to their fetish and instead have paddles and hairbrush associations. I think it is all about
what you grew up exposed to, either in actual experience or in ones cultural folk lore. Az
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Old 04-05-2008, 05:16 PM
Razor Razor is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2003
Location: Overland Park and Leawood Kansas
Posts: 3,513

Hi AZ,

I'm glad you liked the story. I feel the same way...A spanking
scene within an old fashion woodshed is mainly an American
fantasy or custom. A lot of us have read or heard of nostalgic
tales of being escorted to a woodshed for a strapping or
paddling. I've never had the pleasure of indulging in such a
scene as a spankee or as a Disciplinarian. But, I think it would
be alotta I'd love to shoot such a scene on Real
Spankings, Shadow Lane, Punished Brats or Firm Hand spankings.
The only problem is I don't know of anyone who has an actual
woodshed on any of the properties that they own.
Life is full of possibilities, so maybe some day this wicked little
fantasy of mine might come true.

Since this particular story line is a favorite of mine and a
woodshed setting on a ranch seems to be a popular venue
with alot of people, I'm going to work on a similar story. It'll be
written in first person like this one which depicts me as a ranch
hand who seems to have a hard time staying away from the
farmer's daughter. I'm thinking that the daughter's mother might
have a strong inclination to issue a thorough manners lesson
across my backside for messing around with her young and
impressionable 20yearold little girl. Perhaps the daughter should
be made to witness me dropping my drawers for a hard strapping
in order to deter her from messing around with any other boys
while she's home from school for the summer. We'll see how it
turns out. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.


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Old 04-05-2008, 11:01 PM
AzSpanks AzSpanks is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Posts: 553

kelly payne site members section has some great woodsheld spanking photos - both of Kelly spanking acute young lady and also of her doing the same with a guy in another set. Both scenes are all done in "period" costume - like form the 1700's or 1800's America. Another thing I like about Kellys site is that she has many drawings and I think drawings are in some ways more sensual than photos. Quite a few of Jay Ems drawings. Her profile and bio are interesting reads also - she really seems like she has "the gene - I wish I found her in real life when she was young and seeking a spanking playmate, I would have ensured that all of her needs were taken care of...., Anyway, her "wood shed scenes are very nicely done - girl getting spanking in old fashioned "bloomer" style underwear that open in the back while wereing some kind of a "little house on the moose cock" (as a friend of mine used to call that tv show) bonet - good hard paddle, brush and strap action. Since kelly is a real spanko, it is quality production as opposed to some sites that look like a bunch of porn stars faking it. I think you would like it. You can get this scene on video also. Az
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