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Old 11-17-2007, 09:13 AM
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Default Married couple spanked M/FM

Since nobody really liked my child series I am going to try to write a few adult stories to see how you guys like them.

This story involves me and my wife Erica, we are both in our early 30's. I am 6 foot tall with dark brown hair, and slender frame (some pics are in my folder if you are curious). My wife is 5'1" tall with brown hair, she is slightly chunky but her cute face and personality more than make up for it.

One day she found my spanking pictures and videos on the computer, it was a real intense few days but after about a week she seemed to get over it. On the next Friday night she told me we needed to talk, and the following conversation occured.

Erica: Why are you into spanking?
Me: I don't know, I just am.
Erica: I heard that there was a spanking couple at work, would you be interested in being spanked for real?
Me: (trying not to smile) sure.
Erica: I will talk to them on Monday
Me: OK

After that conversation we had the best sex I could remember, I could not wait to hear her response. When Monday rolled around I got excited, but she did not bring it up, I did not want to say anything so I waited until Thursday.

Me: Did you talk to that couple at work?
Erica: Yes, I talked to Mike.
Me: Well what did he say?
Erica: He said he does not spank guys, his girlfriend does.
Me: (I could tell she was leaving something else out) anything else?
Ericka: Yes, (blushing) he said he would make and exception and spank you if I would let him spank me.
Me: (Trying not to look turned on) What did you say?
Erica: No, way. Then he told me his girlfriend would spank you though.
Me: Did you talk to his girlfriend?
Ericka: Yes
Me: What did she have to say?
Ericka: I work with her I don't know if I am OK with you being spanked by a girl.
Me: Well what do you propose then?
Erica: I don't know, I have to think about it.

A couple weeks went by, and I almost forgot about the whole thing, then Erica told me she made an appointment to see Mike at his house. I could not think about anything else, I was both turned on and scared. I really did not want to be spanked by a guy, but knowing Erica would be getting one with me was worth it.

Finally the day came, Erica had on some loose brown kaki pants and a white t-shirt. I had on blue jeans and a t-shirt. We dove to his house and Mike invited us in and we sat down on the couch.

Mike: Do you both know why you are here?
Me/Erica: Yes
Mike: Do either of you have any spanking experience?
Me: Not really, my mom chased me with a spoon when I was younger
Erica: My dad spanked me when I was young
Mike: Erica how old were you when you got your last one?
Erica: 7, I think, when my parents split up.
Mike: Was it on the bare or over clothing?
Erica: Bare bottom
Mike: What brought you here today?
Erica: I found some pictures and videos on the computer
Mike: Spanking related?
Erica: Yes
Mike: There are a few things I have to tell you before we start.
Me/Erica: OK
Mike: First, this will be a real spanking not just a couple smaks on the bottom
it will hurt and you will probibly cry
Erica/Me: (Sounding scared) OK (I was expecting a couple fully clothed swats so I was getting scared too)
Mike: Secondly, me and my girlfriend are starting a spanking website so I need you both to sign a release (hands us a paper)
Erica: Are you going to have someone flim us?
Mike: No, nothing like that. There are a few hidden cameras in the room you will not notice anything.
Erica: (sounding embarassed) you are going to put this on the internet!
Mike: Don't worry it will be a pay site nobody will know anything, besides if it does not turn out well I will not use it at all.
Erica: I don't know if I like this.
Mike: I will tell you what, before I put any of your stuff on the site I will let you know.
Erica: I guess so (I guess she did not notice that he did did not say he would not put the video on there just he would tell her before he did)
Mike: Are you ready

We both get up and Mike stopped us.

Mike: Just Erica right now, I will come get you in a little bit, wait here.
Me: Oh, OK (sat back down)

About 20 minets later Mike came back and told me he was ready. As we walked down the hall he said Erica did really well, he opend the room and it looked like a den. It had a couch and a desk, bookcases and everything. I was shocked and scared when I saw Erica, she was standing facing the corner with her hands on her head. I stopped in my tracks, she was fully nude her bare bottom was red and I noticed a few cane marks. Mike saw that I stopped and said, don't worry you will get to feel the cane too. He sat on the couch and called me over, I relutently complied.

He told me to strip to my underwear, I replied "I thought we were just going to get a few swats over our pants" and he said "I only spank one way, now strip" I slowly pulled my shoes and socks off. Then I slowly unbuttoned and pulled down my jeans, then I pulled off my shirt. He then told me to stand in front of him, I did and he told me to turn around, I was now facing away from him. I felt him put his thumbs ino the waistband of my tighty whities and I softly said "No" and he said "Erica just got a fully nude spanking, do you think it would be fair if I let you keep them on?" and I replied "I guess not" as he pulled down my undies. He told me to turn around and bend over his knee, as soon as I did he started hand spanking me, it hurt much more than I fanisized. After about 10 smacks he stopped and I felt a wooden implement on my bottom, he said it was a paddle. He started with that and I started to go numb, after another 10 smacks he stopped and told me to get up. I slowly did and started to rub my butt, I saw him grab the cane and I said "no" and he just replied "Erica got the cane so will you". He has me kneel on the couch and bend over the back, he had me spread my legs, he said "Erica hated this position, she was completely exposed" as I spread my legs I thought about my wife in this position, her most intimate areas completely exposed to this guy and his cameras. I started to get an erection until I felt the cane strike my bottom, it hurt bad to the point where I wanted to cry then it hit again, I felt tears starting to form. Another one, tears started to roll down my cheeks. I got 5 cane strokes total.

Before Mike left he told me to stand in a corner, he told us both that we were to wait for 10 minets. After 10 minets he would turn off the cameras and we could get dressed, he also said if we wanted to lock the door and have sex that would be fine too.
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