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Old 11-09-2005, 09:04 PM
Houndog Houndog is offline
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Default Amanda and her spanking machine. (Part 2)


Weeks had gone by and Amanda was putting herself over the spanking machine on a frequent basis. Her social life was suffering from it though, and her friends had become quite concerned by her absence.

Amanda had thought of Becky often and it was no surprise to get a call from her every other day. Becky and Amanda had shared their innermost details with each other, and Becky was aware of Amanda's desire for spanking, she had also confessed that she herself had received a number of spankings when she was in the mood and also spanked her boyfriend. Becky was a very dear friend but Amanda could not help feeling jealous any time they had spoken about it, as she so badly wanted her own spanker. They still remained very close friends and Amanda was dying to show Becky the machine.

It was during one of their phone conversations that Amanda told Becky her little secret. To try and save some face and pride, she made up a story that this silly guy she had met online had sent her this machine as a joke, even telling her he had made it himself for a bit of fun. The girls giggled out loud about the machine and finally Becky asked her "Have you tried it ? " Amanda went silent for a couple of seconds before saying as she laughed out loud "Of course I've tried it" and the pair of them broke down. They talked for a while about the machine and Becky's curiosity got the better of her, she just had to see this thing.

It was after work on a Thursday that Becky had arranged to go to Amanda's. Arriving at the door the girls hugged when it was opened. Becky fairly bounded into the room to see the machine. Her eyes widened in amazement at the site and she let out a silent Wow. "This is so cool Amanda, how does it work"

Amanda giggled "Well take your jeans down and I will show you"

"Amanda Johnson" Becky said in mock amazement, secretly knowing she was just stalling time "I'll do no such thing"

"Well that is how I tried it first time, 60 medium spanks over my panties, it really wasn't that bad"

Becky bit her bottom lip, looking between Amanda and the machine she said "60 huh, if you dare tell anyone about this Amanda Johnson, so help me God"

Amanda guided Becky to where she needed to stand and Becky unfastened her jeans, bending down to pull them all the way down. A little realm of jealousy took over Amanda as she looked at her friends cute bottom, encased in her hi cut pink satin bikini panties, wishing she could have one just like it. Quickly though, she helped guide Becky over where she needed to be across the roll bar.

An adjustment had to be made in regards to the bar across her back, as they were of different sizes, Amanda was very quick to secure her friend though. Becky waited for the next step as her friend studied the pretty bottom in front of her. Amanda smirked and teased her friend "Look at this, a naughty little girl is about to get her bottom spanked" and with that she swatted the upturned rump. "HEY" Becky shouted in a joking tone "Cut that out". Amanda made eye contact with Becky and pouted her lips "It will be a lot worse than this" then gave her friends bottom 6 quick semi playful swats.

Amanda went to the control, leaning down she explained to Becky how it works but still set the controls herself. With a cheeky grin she asked Becky if she was ready for it. Becky didn't say anything and Amanda hit the enter button.

Becky put her tongue on her top lip and heard the whirring sound, she tensed her butt in anticipation then WHACK.... she looked at Amanda with her mouth in a perfect O as Amanda grinned from ear to ear. Amanda wanted a close up of the action and headed to the back of the machine. Not 5 smacks had landed and Becky was already being vocal. Amanda was in heaven, this was such a beautiful sight watching her friends bottom get spanked as she kicked her legs and gyrated her hips. By the time 20 spanks had landed, all the thrashing around that Becky was doing had caused the flimsy material of her panties to ride up high, Amanda even noticed it and thought to herself the rest were going to be pretty much on the bare.

Amanda's grin had gone to a look of sheer amazement as she watched her friends bottom go from white to dark pink. Her eyes were so transfixed on the swaying bottom getting soundly spanked in front of her, that it was only when Becky shouted above her OW's and OUCH's with a loud "DAMNIT" did she look at the back of her friends head. Amanda burst out laughing as she saw Becky with a hand full of her own hair in each hand swinging her head from side to side as she wailed away.

The 60 spanks had now landed and Becky laid her head into the cushion, resting her forearms over the back of her head. Amanda released the bar and Becky very slowly got up, she didn't look at Amanda, she just grabbed her butt and clenched it tight, then started to rub it while looking over her shoulder. Amanda was a little worried that it had been too much for her friend and looked at her in a worried way.

Becky peered at her friend through the hair covering her face, looking just like Linda Blair, and a wry smile came across her face. She shook her head from side to side and made that she wanted to say something, but no words came out.

Becky swept her hair back and stepped out of her jeans, they were certainly not coming up just yet, then looked up to the ceiling..... "WOW" she stated "That was wild". Amanda jumped for joy and rushed to hug her friend. Becky did not look very thrilled but in reality she really was, she just smiled as she continued rubbing her flaming bottom through her panties.

Ten minutes had passed before Becky suggested that it was Amanda's turn. It took no time at all for Amanda's butt to be sticking up high just as Becky's had done shortly before. Becky took the control and walked to Amanda's rear, placing the control down she straddled the backs of Amanda's legs. Becky reached for her friends light blue tap panties and started to smooth them out, then she placed her left hand on Amanda's thigh and started to spank her friend firmly with her right hand.

Amanda was shocked and shouted for Becky to stop. Becky did stop briefly to say to her friend "This, my dear, is for spanking me first" and proceeded to give each cheek ten hard spanks. Becky loved every minute of this, as she watched Amanda's bouncy rump jiggle through her tap panties every time she spanked it. Feeling vindicated, Becky set the control, and watched in total amazement as she witnessed the machine spank her best friend. It was a pure joy to see.

Amanda and Becky spaced it out, but they each made 2 more trips over the spanking machine that night. Each time before the machine was set, both girls played oneupmanship and spanked the other ones butt longer and harder than the other had done the time before. In fact, for Amanda's last trip over the machine, before setting the controls in motion, Becky went to Amanda's side and grabbed her around the waist as best she could. Then gave her a very sound spanking with her hand just like she was used to giving her boyfriend. Amanda actually did not object very much to this one, and when the paddles had finished with her she felt like it had been the best spanking she had had in a long while.

Both girls sat sipping wine after they were finished, each nursing a well spanked bottom. They had agreed that it was a fantastic evening and arranged to do it again. It took quite some convincing, but Amanda finally agreed that Becky's boyfriend, John, could also come over and play. Amanda was pretty shocked that Becky seemed to think that John would be just as willing to take a turn over the spanking machine. Little did she know that more often than not, it was John's bottom that was in the air and not Becky's when they were at home.

AKA Richard Windsor
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Old 11-09-2005, 09:24 PM
Parks80 Parks80 is offline
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Good story. I always love stuff about spanking machines. If only someone *hint hint* would do a scene featuring a good one!
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Old 11-10-2005, 08:39 AM
juju_bees's Avatar
juju_bees juju_bees is offline
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Great story houndog! Sounds like bonding over a spanking machine could be a lot of fun..
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Old 11-10-2005, 09:19 AM
pump4426 pump4426 is offline
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I once tried to make a caning machine using a fiberglass bow (archery bow) cut at the handle and mounted on a table. I used a fan motor with a cord and some homemade gears to continually pull back the bow and release it. It didn't work very well, but I did manage to make one that fired one stroke before you had to manually recock it. Fun times, good story.
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Old 11-10-2005, 04:15 PM
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Always enjoy reading your stories, Houndog.

In this one, you sure created a kinky intimacy between Becky, Amanda, and -- that amazing spanking machine!

Keep It Up! Yes, I meant -- both your Super Writing and the "Other" -- too!

Spanks & Kisses :angel:
Even Angels Cry

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Old 11-11-2005, 02:07 AM
pinky pinky is offline
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I want a spanker!
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