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Old 12-21-2003, 08:26 AM
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Default The Babysitter (F/f)

My first post here.
Here's an oldy of mine.
Hope those who haven't read it enjoy it.
Usual Disclaimer goes here...


Emily Robertson hated having to have a baby-sitter. She was 14 years old, and in her mind she was certainly much to old for a baby-sitter. The very name itself implied that she was "babyish," and considering the seniors at her high-school have made comments to that effect she wasn't a very happy young lady. Still, she knew better than to argue with her mind, painfully aware at what the results would bring. So when her mother told her that Friday night she would have a baby-sitter, she gave a huffy sigh, but didn't protest much further.

Besides, Emily had managed to get rid of her last three baby-sitters. She acted so terribly each of those times, that the young girls said they would never be back, and they never did return either. She figured if she didn't like this one she could do the same. Besides, her mother always believed her over her baby-sitters anyway.

The day past by uneventful and eventually at 6:00 sharp the door bell rang.

"I'll get it honey" Emily's mother called as she headed to answer the door. Emily really couldn't care less, she was much too busy listening to her new "Brittany Spears" CD.

As Miss Robertson opened the door she was greeted by a young twenty-two year old, who had long pretty blond hair, and the deepest blue eyes. Emily, while listening to her CD, peaked a look at who her new sitter would be and had to laugh to herself. A blonde was just too much! The other three girls that had watched her in the past were pretty normal, but a dumb blonde? She giggled slightly and shook her head, her shoulder length brunette hair flopping around in the process. Emily did admire the new sitter's beauty though, she only wished she could look that good. If she could dress half as sleazy as Spears did, she was sure she could have all the boys. If she looked like her new sitter though, she wouldn't have to dress sleazy.

She blinked her puppy dog brown eyes and slid down almost into the couch. She really would rather not be there, but then again she would just have to make the best of it.

"Where is Emily, Miss Robertson" the sitter asked.

"She's in the living room. Introduce yourself as you have time Rebecca. If she gives you any problems, feel free to take matters into your own hand......" Miss Robertson instructed Rebecca........

"I'm sure it won't come to that" Rebecca grinned.

With that mother went and said good-bye to her daughter, gave Rebecca the phone number of where she would be at, and headed out the door.

After seeing her out the door Rebecca turned and headed in to meet Emily.


"Hello Emily" Rebecca said as she entered the living room. Emily just pretend to ignore her though. Rebecca, needless to say, was not impressed. Walking over to Emily she took the ear phones off her ear, and
ripped them out of the cassette player. Emily was furious.

"What are you doing!" Emily shouted, standing up and giving her 14 year old foot a stomp.

Rebecca didn't say anything, she simply walked to the kitchen and tossed the head phones into the trash. Emily was beyond belief.

"That's personal property!!" Emily screamed.

"Maybe from this point on you'll listen. I like to be know that I was heard when I speak. If you can't show me that kind of respect, then I certainly can't show your property any kind of respect." Rebecca chided, matter of factly.

Emily frowned and fished her earphones out of the trash and then followed behind Rebecca. She was impressed. Never before had anyone ever established a sense of authority and control so quickly with her.

The two entered the living room and Rebecca sat down, very poised.

"Sit down! We need to talk. I don't like watching a little brat whom at least won't take the time to get to know me."

Emily blinked......... but did as she was told to do. She resented being called a brat, even if that was how she was acting at first............

"Your mother has informed me that I am to handle you anyway that I see fit. In order for me to choose the best way to watch over you and keep my authority established, I'll need to know a few things. Does your mother still spank you?"

Emily couldn't believe her ears! A complete stranger, who just under five minutes ago threw her headphones away, was now wanting to know if her mother spanked her. Give Rebecca a very snobbish look she replied back

"Sometimes, but only if I get caught."

Rebecca laughed.

"Well, judging by how you were sitting when I came in, I would say you need to get a little bit better at not getting caught. Wouldn't you?"

Emily started to instinctively blush. Yes, her mother had spanked her earlier in the day, but NO ONE knew about it.

"Aww you're blushing? You're not embarrassed are you? I mean, it's perfectly natural for a naughty teenager to get a spanking. Heavens knows that I got them until I was 17 years old."

Emily looked at her new sitter curiously. This was going to be a VERY interesting night indeed.
"Really?" She asked............. now wanting to fish around for some details...........

"Sure I did! What does your Mom spank you with anyway?"

Emily's faced turned another shade of red. Rebecca was getting way too personal for her and way too fast. Perhaps this was part of her morbid way of showing her authority, if it was it was sure working.

"With a ping pong paddle" Emily muttered................

"Speak up child! I can't understand mumbles!" Rebecca chided.

"I said with a ping pong paddle" Emily replied louder....

"I always got it with a hairbrush. The same one I have in my purse actually. My Mom gave it to me after I graduated from High-School. ALL teens are naughty Emily. Like I said, it's nothing to be ashamed of"...........

"I thought a hairbrush was for brushing hair." Emily sarcastically said.

"Don't be a smarty pants Emily! The hairbrush hurts a heck of a lot more than a ping pong paddle does!"

"Huh? Why's that?" Emily asked, sincerely curious.

"It's because it's smaller. It puts more sting into a smaller area."

Emily flinched........ she didn't like the sound of that. Rebecca, seeing the fear starting to overwhelm Emily decided maybe she could change the subject and they could start getting into a more reasonable topic.

"Do you date you yet, sweety?" Rebecca asked.

Emily sighed. She only wished that she was allowed to.
"No, I'm not allowed to yet. It sucks!"

Rebecca nodded her head.
"Well, when you are finally able to do it it'll be a lot of fun. You just wait a see."

With that Rebecca got up and started to head toward the kitchen to fix the two of them a late night snack. As she walked by Emily, the little 14 year old shot a question to Rebecca that caused her to stop in her tracks.

"Do you think you'll hit your kids when they piss you off? You know, like my Mom does me? HITS me. HURTS me. I hate the bitch when she does that."

"Emily Robertson! Don't you DARE call your mother that!!! Also young lady I think your being a bit over dramatic. Spanking isn't hitting, and yes I will spank them."

Emily huffed and crossed her arms.
"Call it whatever you want to" she muttered.

"Do you get mad at your mother when she spanks you?" Rebecca asked/

"Yes, I hate the bitch" Emily responded, still with her arms crossed.

"You need to grow up Emily!" Rebecca shot back at her.

Emily smirked at Rebecca
"Your the fucking whore who thinks that its OK to hit"

Rebecca had lost patience. She turned and slapped Emily right across the face, stunning the child.
Immediately tears started to form in Emily eyes

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you mad" she sniffled, now feeling simply horrible.

"You should be sorry. Go to your room. I plan on curing you tonight of that little attitude of yours."

"Whh...What?!!" Emily stood up, now more than a little fearful and worried.

"You heard me! GO!!"

Emily spat at Rebecca's feet and took off running to her room calling behind her
"I hate you just like I hate my mother!"

Rebecca sighed. She had really be hoping that the first night would go so much more smoothly, but now she could see just why the other three younger girls had left never to return. Those three didn't know how to deal with such behavior. Rebecca on the other hand knew how deal with such a snobbish, arrogant, bratty 14 year old think she knows it all behavior.................... because she had been one of those 14 year olds at one time and she knew just how her mother dealt with her. Indeed, her last spanking at 17 was for saying some of the very things to her mother that Emily had said about Miss Robertson, only Rebecca had been brave enough to say it to her own mother's face, the results being her 17 year old back set ablaze and the attitude of a not yet adult begin taken down more than a peg or two......... Rebecca had been reduced to a sobbing little girl, the same fate which she had planned for Emily.................


An hour later Rebecca approached Emily's room with the old hairbrush that had tended to her own bottom more than a few times in her hand. Opening the door she let herself in, closing it behind her. She stood facing Emily, who was laying on the bed, once again listening to her CD.

Rebecca didn't have the time nor patience's to deal with that. She walked over and grabbed the portable CD player and tossed it on the floor in some clothes which were all over the filthy room. Apparently, Emily not only had an attitude problem, but she had a cleanliness problem as well. Oh well, that was NORMAL for a 14 year old, her attitude was FAR from normal though.

"Well, young lady, have you thought about what's going to happen?" Rebecca asked, now that she had Emily's attention, who was still acting like she was all that and more.

"Yeah, so your going to hit me! No big deal. I'll just tell my mother on you when she gets home and she'll make sure you never watch me again!"

Rebecca rolled her eyes. Boy, this kid really did live in a fantasy world. Especially since she had already told her that her mother had given her the instructions to do whatever was needed. Ignoring the comments Rebecca pulled a chair to the center of the room and sat down in it. Emily gave her an odd look.........

"Come here Emily." Rebecca ordered patting the palm of her hand with the hairbrush.

"Your nuts!!" Emily said backing away from her.

Rebecca jumped out of the chair and grabbed Emily by the arm delivering a series of smacks with the brush across the young girls thighs........

"OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!" Emily screamed........ Rebecca pulled Emily to the Chair and seated herself again. She yanked down the sweat pants the girl was wearing. Emily's face immediately went red.

"Do you know what's about to happen to you young missy?!" Rebecca scolded, as she started tugging down Emily's panties. Emily, who would have normally been full of fight, stood in awe and fear, unable to counter act what was going on. She tried to speak, but the words she was searching for just weren't there instead she muttered a simple


"Well then why don't you tell me, since you are miss smarty pants know it all"

Emily cringed, her face now beet red.
"I'm gonna get a spanken" she whispered............

"Now, maybe you can enlighten me with why" Rebecca continued to give the girl a hard time, now pulling her over her lap, Emily's little creamy white bottom sticking up.

Emily suddenly didn't feel quite so powerful, in fact, she felt much younger than what she had been trying to act. She whimpered out her answer.

"Cuz I wasn't acting grown up............."

Suddenly reality had set in on miss Emily and in a panic she started to struggle screaming


"I know you don't want a spanking, but that's what your going to get. A good hard spanking. We'll see just how serious and truthful you are being AFTER I get done with you." Rebecca followed her scolding by planting the palm of her against Emily's bottom, a sounding smack echoing in the room."


Emily screamed, feeling a small amount of heat starting to build.


Then it stopped. Emily sniffling, Rebecca grinning, glad that for once it wasn't her who was at the wrong end of the spanking.

"It's not much fun is it?" Rebecca asked Emily, quite seriously.

"No, Rebecca!" Emily frantically pleaded, willing to say anything now to keep things from going from bad to worst.


Rebecca's hand continued to descend onto poor Emily's bottom.

"Are you going to behave from now on young lady?!" She continued to scold.

Emily cried out

"Yes, Rebecca!!! I said I was sworry!! Please stop!!" tears falling down her face. Rebecca wasn't convinced yet.

"Well you better!" and with those words Rebecca picked up the brush and told to already repented little girl
"Now it's time for the REAL spanking"


The hair brush rose and fell across the poor child's bottom, which was now turning from the creamy white it had been to a much darker reddish color. Now Emily was engulfed by the heat and flames.



Emily started to cry more than she had ever cried before. Rebecca was right, the brush did sting more than her mom's ping pong paddle.


"Ohhhhhhhh, we are just getting started miss attitude!"


Rebecca caused the brush to dance around Emily's bottom. First to the left, than to the right, than right smack in the center, than across the thighs. It didn't take long for Rebecca to break Emily's willfulness...... In fact, by now little miss Emily was acting more like a six year old, than a sassy bad mouthed 14 year old brat. Rebecca delivered a few more smarting blows and then continued her round of scolding.


"It stings so bad Rebecca!!!!" Emily managed to cry



Emily could feel the tears running down her face, and she could also feel the flames in her bottom. Little Emily didn't know it, but if Rebecca kept spanking the way she was, blisters would soon be forming....... the one thing no girl of any age wanted!


"IT BUUUUUUUUUUUUURNS!!!" Emily bawled unable to control herself and breaking into mad sobs and uncontrollable crying. She fell limp over Rebecca's lap.


The brush continued to paint the child's bottom a very scarlet like color. With the onset of blisters mere moments away she stopped.

"I think I'm going to leave this brush with your mother. It would do her a world of more good than me, since she's around you a heck of a lot more often"

Emily just cried as Rebecca scolded her. All she was able to do was shake her head pleadingly no...............


That was all it took. The blisters now started to surface.......


Not wanting to FULLY blister the poor girl, Rebecca stopped and put the brush down, watching Emily bawl, knowing just how much pain she had to be in.

"LEARNED YOUR LESSON?" Rebecca asked, still in a scolding voice.

Emily nodded her head, her checks tear stained.

"DID WE ADJUST THAT ATTITUDE?" More humiliating scolding

Emily whispered softly

"Yes, Miss Rebecca. I's so sorry for acting so bad and for saying bad things about my mommy"

With those words Rebecca helped Emily stand on. Immediately the girls hand rushed to her burning bottom. Rebecca couldn't help but smile as the repentant 14 year old tried to rub the sting away.

"Burns doesn't it?" Rebecca asked Emily, knowing full well what the answer was, but wanting to more fully make her point.

Emily didn't answer though. All she could do was bounce up and down and hold her bottom still crying.

"I asked you a question Emily. Does it hurt and if so does it hurt more than your mom's paddling would have".............

Crying now from embarrassment the young girl nodded her head, not wanting to be back over her caretakers lap so soon.

"Come here......." Rebecca, now more calmly, said.

Emily slowly, still rubbing, made her way to Rebecca. Reaching down she picked up the girl and hugged her very tightly. Emily started crying again, for the first time allowing herself to be comforted........... she whispered

"It burns so badly"............

Rebecca nodded stroking the hair of the little girl now in her lap.
"Shhhh. It's OK.......... all done and over with now. I know we have the little girl that has always been inside of you with us now. You will be sore for a while though......."
Rebecca then wiped Emily's hair away from her face, and helped to dry the remaining tears. Helping her up she smiled at Emily.

"Want to go play now?"

Emily smiled weakly and nodded her head, and as they left the room that night she knew that she had finally found a baby-sitter that would take the best care of her, and who was truly willing to stand up to her and take the time to show her the right way vs the wrong way............ Yes, she was soooooooooo looking forward to the next visit by Rebecca.
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