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Old 06-11-2009, 06:14 AM
poppa poppa is offline
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Default Monica and the Paddle

Every once in a while I'll watch a scene that makes me grin like a little kid. This one did that for me. Making paddles is just a hobby for me and i get the biggest kick out of seeing them used on screen.
In this scene Monica and ms. Burns talks candidly about her least favorite impliment. It is, I am quite proud to say; one of the spanking sticks I made that is referred to as the "Bee Sting" paddle. Monica is clearly not looking forward to her paddling as she bares her bottom and bends over. Ms. Burns who knows exwactly how this paticular paddle feels having felt it herself many times; never the less she uses it quite firmly on Monica. Her facial expressions are fun to watch as she grimaces her way through the paddling even while answering Mr. Burns questions as it is happening.

I made these paddles When Lady D hurt her wrist and I wanted to come up with a lighter paddle that was just a little heavier than a 15" ruler. I made these specifically for the ladies as it should be easier for them to control and not so hard on their wrist.
Lady D and later Ms. Burns and Cindy really gave me positive comments on them so I made several more. The first were made from Black walnut and then I experimented with several other woods.
The paddle in this scene, along with several of my "Milk bottle" paddles were made from an old shipping crate I tore apart at work. The wood was weathered and when sanded had some dark staining in the grain that looked pretty neat when finished.
The "Bee sting" quality of the wood I can not explain but all the paddles had it. Lori had one of the Milk bottle paddle broken on her in her "No safe word" session with Mr. Daniels.
The effects of this wood was just a Happy accident... unles you're the one getting paddled I suppose.
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Live each moment like its your last!
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Old 06-11-2009, 05:16 PM
Gretchen Rachel Gretchen Rachel is offline
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Location: Chicago, IL
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I had no idea you fashioned implements as well as writing so eloquently about them. You Sir are a man of many talents........a "spanker of all trades" perhaps?
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Old 06-11-2009, 07:32 PM
hanson hanson is offline
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Question Engaged?

In this picture, it appears Monica is wearing an engagement ring. Does anyone know if she's getting married soon?
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Old 06-11-2009, 09:01 PM
Keagen Keagen is offline
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Poppa, as one who's felt your paddles. . . . I can attest. . . . they're somethin' else! *shakes head*
Bring it.
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Old 06-13-2009, 10:25 AM
DanaD DanaD is offline
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I liked this video where Monica gets it with the "bee-sting" paddle. How cool to have been the one to have actually made the paddle. I enjoyed the idea of the video, where she talks about her least favorite implement, and then takes a licking with it. I'm usually not as interested in seeing spankings that have no reason or purpose behind them, but I really enjoyed this one.

The implements I've always been most attracted to are the smaller paddles, probably because that's what I knew growing up. That "bee-sting" paddle is similar to my least favorite we got at home, though ours was a little smaller. We didn't have a pet name for it, but it could have been called the "Fire Stick". Like the bee-sting, ours was just made out of some kind of wood that must have been designed by nature for spanking. It was just the right size and weight to be dangerous. A smaller paddle really focuses the burn. Monica got 20 with the bee-sting. Though I never counted, I'd say 20-30 was about what a bad spanking with the fire-stick was like.

I thought the licks were laid on pretty well by Ms. Burns. Monica was bent over, where we had to lay flat. Bare only makes the sting worse. The fire-stick was smaller, so it seems that made the spanking more even on both cheeks. It looked like Monica's right cheek got the worst of it. After the fire-stick, it was always crimson about equal on both sides. Monica is just red, but I guess that's because spanking models get a lot more spankings than kids get in real life. At least I hope so. Did her right cheek look blistered? If I'd been paddling, I would have focused the spanking a little lower on Monica's bottom, right down to where the bottom meets the thighs, with the center of the target area a little above that juncture.

Monica describes how the stinging lasts about 20 minutes after a bee-sting paddling. I remember a fire-stick spanking was really bad while it was happening, like being on fire. Afterwards it glowed very hot for a long time, but I don't remember how long. There would be tingling feelings all day, especially when sitting down. I'm guessing what the bee-sting and fire-stick have in common is that they don't cause deep damage and bruising, but on the surface they leave what is more like a burn. It feels like a burn, so there's that sharper sting that doesn't go away for awhile.
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