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Old 09-12-2009, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Tiffany Ryan
Thanks for making it alot clearer. As i said im new to the scene, and relativly inexpierenced (as you could and can probably tell )

i appreacaite you spending your time to correct my newbishness


but its gotta take a lot of mental will power on the part of the spankee to take a punishment long and hard, knowing the pain they are going to undertake even of they gleen sexual enjoyment from it. Like how far are they going to go....

i dont know if i would be able to hold my postion in something like that. im not sure i would like being restrained either. I certainly dont have the mental strength to accept such a hard punishment, I have a hard time concentrating during a test.

thanks again, you showed me an angle on spanking i had not thought of before.
An important concept, especially for beginners, is the safeword. Before entering into spanking activity, the parties involved should definitely agree on a safeword -- an odd, but easy-to-tremember and easy-to-say word or phrase that means STOP NOW -- not necessarily stop forever, but at least stop for a break. Perhaps a word like Greyhound. When the spankee is simply overloaded with sensations or in real physical discomfort, he/she should be able to say the safeword and all activity stops immediately, The participants can then see what the problem is and take appropriate action. Needless to say, this concept is even more important when you're playing with someone you don't know that well.
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