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Vinny 09-07-2003 02:51 PM

creative punishment
Just wondering what ideas or experiences you all have had regarding supplemental punishments in addition to spankings. On the old CDI forum I remember Miss J instructing someone to kneel on grinder pads. I've also heard of being made to sit on an inverted car mat. And of course the creative use of tiger balm, itching powder etc. So if anybody has experienced these or has ideas of their own, I would love to hear about them...the more creative and devious the better!!

Moxy 09-07-2003 05:54 PM

Other thoughts on complimentary punishments
Dear Vinny,

Interesting question, I've heard similar things before but never answered...I think I'll throw in my two cents this time. Thank you for the post...*smile*

The kind of additional punishment you mentioned concerning kneeling on rocks or washboards, etc. I personally don't agree with. Mainly because I don't accept pain delivered directly to other parts of the body as punishment where I feel "cared for." I don't want to be limping around on fucked up knees and would never put another person in that position either. Besides the knee joint issues, it would take away from feeling the punishment on the bottom (at least for me) and I find that unacceptable and contrary to what is being attempted with consentual spanking discipline.

However, things like being faced against the wall, being put in the corner standing or sitting on a chair, before, during, or after a spanking scene is acceptable to me. Using additional punishments that focus (safely) on the bottom, and/ or additional punishments that increase submission or a feeling of having engaged in misbehavior, is also acceptable to me as long as they don't cause real pain in other areas of the body.
A few examples of what I would find acceptable whether I have experienced them or not...
Holding books aloft while in the corner (it doesn't stress the joint)
Holding the implements of punishment while in the corner
Having to retrieve and deliver implements to the Spanker
Being put in a punishment position or being made to assume one, generally with panties down and bare bottom up, while the Top is scolding or simply taking a rest and enjoying the view
Being sent out to pick a switch with the panties around the thighs
Being forced to ask for punishment, state wrongdoings or generally speak in trigger language during the scene, etc.

And/or to add some psuedo-sexual punishment like sitting on a punishment chair in the corner that has a phallus mounted on it so the subject is now sitting on a sore and impaled bottom, keeping their focus directly on their hindquarters., etc.

To some these punishments would be unacceptable while the rock kneeling would be fine. That shows how different we can all be, because to me, they are not only acceptable but would challenge me to be more submissive, whereas the rock kneeling would simply be demoralizing and annoying.

Besides more creative psychological/physical punishments, I'd just like to reiterate that simple things like plugs or bondage can definitely be used as added discipline during a scene to keep your spankee off balance and fully engaged. A lubricated plug in the bottom, or being tied hand and foot to take a spanking may seem overly simple, but I guarantee it doesn't feel that way to the spankee while it is happening.

Early on in my adult spanking experience I would not allow anything in verbal or psychological play that I considered ridiculous or demeaning. Mainly because I am Alpha and found most other supplimental punishments childish. That included all corner time, punishment positions, trigger language, etc. After 14 years of experience and finding that over a course of time my fantasies have expanded and my ability to trust and submit has increased, I have found that things that used to be "deal-breakers" are now of interest. Both physically and psychologically. But they are still *hard* to do. Adult spankees often feel embarrassed or silly while doing them. Corner time can be hard enough for a lot of subs because of the psychological killing the knees on top of all that is really overkill unless the sub really wants to experience that kind of treatment. And the point of consentual spanking discipline is staying within what the sub wants to experience. A Good Dom knows he can effectively challenge a spankee staying within her hard limits. A Good Dom doesn't feel he has to exceed them to prove that he's the "Dom".

Because I have a small streak of dominant sadism in me (that manifests occasionally in real time, non-sexually, with willing female subjects), I write out my stories and fantasies from both the Dom position and the sub position.

One of the supplimental punishments that interests me, and that I am writing into a story, (although as a sub it would challenge the heck outta me) is line writing in certain situations. Something like getting a hand spanking, being sat in the corner and ordered to write out sentences concerning the misbehaviour 50 or 100 times. The length of time in the corner being recorded, and then once the task was done, being paddled, strapped, etc. (read: harsher punishment) for the amount of time it took to write the lines neatly. That sounds to me like a punishment that would keep both partners interested during the scene and push the sub's buttons as well as teach a lesson.

Two years ago...heck, a year ago, I never would have considered it as a sub, but now as long as I trusted my partner and knew there was a mutual respect, I think I would enjoy the challenge. I like schoolgirlish type roleplays and that would fit in nicely.

Another personal experience concerning supplimental punishment. I've worked out a gym schedule I want to follow and have a Top to handle motivation and discipline concerning it. Before every gym appt. I'm to slip on one of the skirts I wear for scenes, insert a plug and bend over the arm of the couch skirt up, panties down, staying there for 10 minutes. Even if I have decided to blow off the gym that day, I keep to the agreed upon couch discipline. By the end of it, I'm ready to go to the gym because I've had time to reflect about what I am trying to do fitness-wise, and what kind of punishment I can expect if I blow it off and then have to tell him I did so. It's very effective. Sometimes I feel silly, but it pushes my submissive buttons and my accountability buttons and creates better behavior concerning keeping to my gym schedule. And it was my idea, by the way. Dom's should not discount their sub's ideas. Some of the best disciplinary measures may come from the sub's imagination or experience. And since fantasy is always different from reality, the sub will be suprised when it happens whether it was her idea or not. Communication creates hot scenes and beneficial discipline, always.

As for ointments like Tiger Balm or Icy-Hot, as long as the bottom isn't abraded that can be interesting, but it delivers a different kind of heat. As well the strongest of Tiger Balms are just too much on already sensitized flesh. I think I prefer making the sub get in a hot bath or sit in the corner on a chair covered with a heated electric blanket to the ointment thing. Itching powders or itching ointments are a little dangerous because they are designed to irritate the skin, and many people are sensitive to such compounds. As well, some kind of itching ointment on something like a anal plug might make for good fantasy, but the reality would be quite different and could actually cause harm to delicate internal tissues.

I know as a sub that additional punishments are interesting and beneficial only in that I do not feel that the Dom is being careless or cavalier with my body or my psyche.

If I trust the Dom...that he knows me and my body and what I can take and in what ways I can be pushed...additional punishments can be very hot as well as beneficial.

Take care,

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