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Old 07-10-2003, 02:06 PM
Disciplined Hus
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Default Fraternity/Sorority paddling

When I was in college in the early 70's, I was in a fraternity which is where I first got interested in paddlings. Though considered hazing, paddling was a way of life and the panhellenic council kinda winked and turned a blind eye to it. Pledges were paddled frequently by the active members and by the girls in our sister sorority who seemed determined to prove they could be as tough as the guys (they were even worse). There was a disciplinary commitee that sentenced the upperclassmen to discipline for various infractions. Discipline was carried out with the offender stripped naked and tied to the "Horse", where the appropriate number of swats (3-12) were given with an audience of frat brothers and members of our sister sorority. The chapter "Board" was a long oak board with 3 rows of 1/2" holes and was a fearsome disciplinary tool. The interesting thing was that the victim (myself included) was fully erect, at least at the start of the session. I have loved being paddled ever since!
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Old 07-14-2003, 09:23 AM
Ben Dover Ben Dover is offline
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Smile Hmmmm

I would love to hear some stories about the sorority girls trying to prove that they could dish it out as well as the guys!
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Old 07-20-2003, 02:07 PM
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Default Did I understand?

As I read your post the Sorority girls came over and paddled the fraternity boys. Right?

Interesting. I've heard of sorority and fraternity paddlings, of course, and my aunt has told me of her sorority back in Minnesota, where the initiation included both an enema and a spanking (both of which were carried on by Big Sisters for rule infractions during her pledge year) but this is the first I've heard of intergender paddling.

Have others evidence of this? Thanks.
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Old 07-22-2003, 01:56 PM
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The fraternity I was in during college did not use paddling but it was very common in my high school (early 1960's).

Not only did high school fraternities/clubs use paddling, but it was also common in honorary societies. Here are two incidents I was part of and witness to.

1. The high school music honorary society always had a full scale initiation of new members. These were 10th graders with high grades and others from the 11th grade. The initiation took place at the end of the academic year so they were rising juniors and seniors. The year I was initiated we had about 14 new initiates, evenly divided between boys and girls. We gathered at one of the regular member's houses, and just before we left, some of the members called one of the male initiates to the front of the living room. The rest of us were lined up in the hallway and had a good view of the proceedings. The boy was told to "assume the position" and then given one very hard swat. He got up afterwards vigorously rubbing his bottom. The girl in front of me in line said that she would slap the face of anyone who tried that with her.

We were then blindfolded and led into cars in groups of three. I happened to be grouped with a girl I had a crush on as early as 3rd grade. We were then driven around town. I cannot tell you how many interesting thoughts and fantasies I had during that drive, but many involved carrying what we had already seen a bit further. If they would paddle someone like that in someone's home, what would they do when they had us in some isolated place, or even just in their cars? More than once I imagined that they would order us to kneel facing the back window and paddle us--perhaps even ording us to take down our pants since that could not be seen from the road. Or requiring us to spank each other. Alas, none of that happened.

Eventually we did get to a park where the rest of the festivities took place. This included everyone getting paddled, but it was just one swat (very hard with a traditional fraternity paddle) over the clothes. I really enjoyed seeing each one of the girls get their swat. Each one jumped up rubbing her bottom.

The next year I was one of the regular members and got to do the hazing. However, one of the other members (my 3rd grade girlfriend no less!) persuaded the others that having to bend over to get paddled was too humiliating (wasn't that the point??) and it was abandoned. I was too shy to argue and try to keep the practice, a mistake I have regretted ever since.

2. Incident number 2 involved my high school fraternity. While only boys were members, we did have a female "sweetheart" and her "court". They attended meetings and parties but never hazing nights--with one exception. One night we did not take pledges out for hazing but simply paddled then right at the meeting. In that case, two girls were present as each member gave each pledge a solid swat. (There were about thirty-five members present.) One pledge broke down crying and rubbing his bottom about halfway through. I cannot imagine anything more humiliating. Once all the guys finished they invited the girls to participate in the paddling. The pledge who had broken down bent over and one of the girls came up and held the paddle to his bottom but then she chickened out.

Other hazing was much more intense and involved naked paddling (and other activities) but were not coed. If anyone is interested let me know and I will post about some of that.

There was also an incident involving spanking one of the girls at a party in front of everyone.

Let me know if you are interested.

In any case, sorority paddling and initiations have always been one of my favorite fantasies.
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Old 07-22-2003, 08:58 PM
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Default To Ken

Yes Professor Ken, tell us more. I thought your post very interesting and appreciate your taking the time to post so much. I know that's a lot of work.

Do you mind generally saying what area of the country you are from?
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Old 07-23-2003, 02:28 PM
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Since you asked...

1. For me the most interesting incident was when a girl got spanked by her date at a high school fraternity party I was at.

I can't remember how it started but at one point he had her over his knee and was spanking her rather vigorously. He then said his hand hurt and asked if there was something he could use. I got him a ping pong paddle which he then put to good use. While spanking her, he announced that this was his private rear end and only he could spank her.

I invited my date to sit on my lap while we watched but she declined. I think she feared she could be next.

A few weeks later I came to a fraternity meeting as it was about to start. The same girl was outside and stopped me as I hurried into the meeting telling me that I should have been there a few minutes earlier since they had bent her over the fender of a car and spanked her. Foolish and shy person that I was, I went on into the meeting and never did ask her out for a date. (I got smarter in my later years. I met my wife through Shadow Lane's Stand Corrected.)

2. Most of the hazing incidents I know of involved guys getting hazed since that happened more often and they would talk about it more freely. This isn't really my thing--I wish I knew more about the girls.

In my fraternity in one case, I know they stripped the pledges and paddled them naked. One of the members had decided to take a squeeze bottle of ketchup and give a pledge a ketchup enema first. Having forgotten that a few minutes later, the brothers paddled this poor pledge and everyone got squirted--gross!!

Stripping and paddling was very common but generally restricted to guys only. There were non-spanking hazing incidents involving mixed genders--in one case a pledge was forced to wear a girl's gym suit (there were such things in those days) and raise his leg like a dog at a fire hydrant.

I have only indirect information about hazing of girls but some seems credible. Your aunt's enema experience is like one incident reported in a book about hazing where a pledge was given an enema. A few years ago there was a very active board on Bianca run by a person called "Standfast" and enemas for pledges were commonly reported in the posts there.

Two other kinds of female hazing that are commonly reported involve forcing pledges to wear diapers or having them strip to their underwear (or completely naked). The members then circle the parts of the pledges' bodies that the members consider "imperfect."

Still, my favorite sorority fantasy in spanking and paddling--especially with males present--or doing the paddling. I just don't know how common it is in reality.

I would be interested in hearing more about your aunt's experiences or anything else you know of.

In answer to your other question, I reside on the east coast but not near where I grew up.
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Old 08-02-2003, 05:09 PM
Disciplined Hus
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Default Punished by the Deltas

The one experience I had that stands out was the time me and one of my Frat brothers were paddled by 2 members of our sister sorority. We had been at a party at their house, and drunk, had gotten into an argument and shoving match. Normally such behavior would have earned us a paddling tied to the horse, but it was decided that the Deltas would punish us as they saw fit. The next Saturday afternoon we reported to their house. Their chapter president, Becky, informed us that she and Pam were going to paddle our asses like they'd never been paddled before.
We were taken downstairs to the rec. room where most of the sorority sisters were waiting. We were told to strip naked and did so without hesitation. Paddlings were often given nude at thr Frat house and we didn't want to do anything to piss them off. As I stripped I noticed Becky had a standard thick maple paddle. At 22" long, 3/4" thick the board was solid and heavy and packed quite a wallop. Pam had a thin, narrow plywood paddle. It had one row of quarter sized holes and was about 30" long. Not too worried at first, I was now getting scared, they meant business and their paddles were serious tools for punishment of a bare butt. Naked we were bent over the opposite ends of a couch and could see what the other was getting. I was first. Becky laid on 3 swats then Pam gave me 3. WOW did it ever hurt, the heavy maple board HURT the plywood paddle STUNG! It took all I had to maintain my composure. The girls watching were laughing and cheering Pam and Becky on. They went to the other end of the couch and repeated the procedure. I could see why it hurt so much...they were both swinging their paddles with long hard swings. We each took 4 series of swats like that geting a total of 24 swats. I was openly bawling halfway through, much to the delight crowd. When it was over we were allowed to get up and it was hard to stand, my legs were like rubber. My butt was reddish-purple and was sore for days. The Deltas had taught me a lesson...a woman with a paddle can administer a fearsome punishment!
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Old 08-02-2003, 11:06 PM
Ben Dover Ben Dover is offline
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Thumbs up Great story!

Disciplined husband, you come back to the forum three weeks later and follow up your original post and you immediately get 5 stars! One item which you omitted, but which would really make your story is...

What did Becky and Pam look like (you didn't describe them or any of the sorority sisters cheering them on)? If they were really cute or even moderately attractive, it would make the story really sizzle! After all, guys like to be paddled by pretty women!

What did they say to you guys during/afterwards and in the days following the paddling? Was it a big news item or just another event in the regular paddlings your fraternity/sorority group engaged in?

If you are still in touch with Becky/Pam/your sorority sisters, they should be guests on WSM. They already know how to swing a paddle and have had lots of practice, so no training would be needed. If they are "shy", I'm sure lots of guys would love to reenact the scene privately. And Miss J/Lady D/Mr. M, that scene would be a great one for a WSM update!

Keep the stories coming, Disciplined husband!
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