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Old 07-31-2005, 01:56 PM
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Default humiliation, mother-in-law is witness to my spankings

First of all, I am a new member and from Germany. So please forgive my mediocre English.
I have been following the threads about husbands being punished and humiliated by their dominant wives.

Moni and I have been married for nearly 25 years. Strict discipline has become a regular thing for me. Every Friday night my wife punishes me for my mistakes of the week (she keps a list that I dont get to see, so the level of punishment to come is always unknown to me, until I am tied over our whipping bench). Even though our two kids have left the home I have always been very concerned that others in our family would get to know about our life style. Now it has happend.

My mother-in-law, which so far I liked very much (now I fear her) lives some miles away and visits us regularly on the weekends (her husband died long ago). When MIL was already around on Fridays, Moni would postpone my punishments until MIL went to bed. About six months ago I received a very strict whipping in our basement strapped over the bench, while MIL was thought to be sleeping. Because of the severity of the punishment I probably was crying too loud so that MIL came down to check for the whipping and crying noises. Here she foung me in my typical position, tied naked over the horse, bottom high up, legs spread far apart, cheeks wide open.

My wife went outside with MIL to explain the situation and came back shortly without her to finish my discipline. Since that day, MIL tries to be at our home every weekend to witness my punishment sessions. First she was "only" watching - which is still extremely humiliating for me in the described posture. But then she get more involved by encouraging Moni to give the most strict discipline.

In the meantime, my wife told me that she knew that MIL had been punishing her husband regularly, even though she had never witnessed it.

My wife has a nice selection of punishment instruments and MIL quickly learned which I hate most. These are the ones that she now suggest to Moni if she thinks she is to leneant with me.

Aoart form the humiliation of having to strip naked in front of my two women, I typically end up with a erection caused by the akward situation. This makes it worse, because Moni has started to milk me in front of MIL to increase my shame and add to the punishment.

My lovely mother-in-law is getting more and more involved and is always looking for ways to make my whippings more painfull. Now I fear that she will get directly involved in my punishments. And then I am sure that she will try to top Monis whippings.

Is there anybody out there having to deal with the same kind of

If interested I can share more details of my wekly sessions and the ever increasing humiliation.

An obedient husband
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Old 07-31-2005, 02:21 PM
Ben Dover Ben Dover is offline
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Welcome. Sure, let's hear more.
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Old 07-31-2005, 02:51 PM
Sub4DD Sub4DD is offline
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Now THAT would be humiliating. S keeps it private, which suits me fine. It's very hard for me to even talk about, let alone witnesses. In my misspent youth, I took some witnessed, nude, humiliation paddlings. Like you, I was most embarrassed by my obvious full erection. But it sounds like fun if you're all enjoying it!!!!

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Old 08-01-2005, 02:04 PM
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I know I am not the only husband getting punished in front of wirtnesses. Deb paddles Tom in front of her sister and colleage.

But again, being whipped naked in front of my mother-in-law with the perspective of having her punish me herself in the future keps me on my tows and makes me a good husband I guess.

Here is what happens with me on Fridays. MIL shows up for dinner. Immediately the main subject of discussion with Moni is my upcoming punishment. After cleaning up after dinner I am ordered to prepare myself for the weekly session. i.e. go to the basement where the whipping bench is in our partyroom, undress completely and wait for the ladies. The leave me waiting for some time (up to 1/2 hour) to give me time to reflect on the upcoming thrashing and to increase my fear and excitement.

When they appear I am ordered to lay over the bench, unless I got an erection, which typically happens and I just can't avoid it. Then my wife milks me fast while she talks to MIL about my bad behaviour. I love the milking and yet I am very embarassed in front of MIL and I fear the enormous effect on the pain during the session after my coming.

Now I am ordered over the bench. Moni had me build it for her (or for me as she says). I made it from a small workingbench like a foldable sawhorse. It is very stout and keeps me in place. I had to attach two bolsters on each side for my knees and arms. I am securely tied over the horse with straps around my elbows, wrists, thighs and feet. An additional strap around my waist makes me unmovable.

Tied like this my bottom sticks out well and with my widespread legs my buttoks gape apart. MIL sits behind me during my punishment and must have a clear and nice view of my ass, bumhole and testicals. This always makes my cringe.

The whipping bench has two adjustment wheels which my wife had me install. One can change the angle of the bench to lower my head and raise my butt even further. The other one can move the legs of the bench further apart to spread my legs even further.

The first adjustment is used for lengthewise strokes, the second one to reach with the implement between my cheeks.

Now my wife starts to go through her punishment book and reads all my misdeeds. She then decides on the number of strokes and the implement for each fault. She also decides on whether to apply the strokes on my ass, the backside or inside of my thighs. Since MIL has been participating she typically asks for a higher number of strokes and a strikter instrument. My wife doesnt mind the increased severness and mostly agrees with her mom.

Moni know how to select the instruments with increasing effects while the session moves along. MIL knows by now exactly how I react on the different implements and always tries to make my punishment worse. For example when moni whips me with a flexible instrument like a tawse, dogwhip or crop she normally whips both my asscheeks at the same time. MIL has suggested recently more than once, to whip only one cheek at a time very well knowing that the business end lands in betwen my cheeks which makes me loose control completely. For this the legs of the horse will be spread more to make my secret spots easier accessible.

The horse is placed in the middle of the room so that she can hit me from all sides with full swing and can reach buttocks and thighs nicely from all angles.

Both my women like to hear my "singing" as they call it. Moni has a strikt rule: it is o.k. for me to cry and yell, but the lowder I shriek, the harder she whips me. This encourages MIL to always suggest meaner lashes.

Many times I receive lashes lenghtwise with a dogwhip. With the help of MIL many of those end up directly in my cleft which makes me cry at the top of my lungs.

The implement I fear most is a stiff but very flexible single tail whip made of leather about 1,2m in length. 10 strokes with it is almost unbearable and leaves black marks. It turned into MILs favourite implement and I have received up to 50 lashes with it for serious mistakes.

By the end of my punishment I am always covered with angry welts and crying in pain not so much shame. The embaressment comes back when I am kept tied over the horse for a min. of 1/2 hour while MIL and Moni discuss my punishment and my continued behaviour. They will review the state of my buttocks and tighs and MIL complements my wife on her artfull aiming and the strict discipline of her husband.

Even though I am excited and aroused about the power of my wife and the next upcoming Friday, the session itself is nothing but punishment and pain mixed with humiliation. This and the sitting problems afterwords in the next two or three days always have me trying to be a better husband.

Any other husbands being dominated by more than one female?

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Old 08-01-2005, 05:19 PM
Ben Dover Ben Dover is offline
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If you know about Deb, you can't be very "new".
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Old 08-01-2005, 10:52 PM
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Ben Dover,

I have been reading in the forum for a few days until I signed in 2 days ago!
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Old 12-06-2005, 11:13 AM
jspades jspades is offline
Boston Spankeler
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I've been wanting to discipline Katie in front of one or two people. We have never done that live, but it sounds hot.

We tried to find a club in or around Boston that allows this kind of thing, but no go! The only one I knew of was closed down.

So, any ideas? Anyone on here live in Boston that might be interested?

__________________ - Katie\'s Yahoo Group With Photos and Videos! - Katie\'s Punishment and Discipline Blog

\"Expose yourself to your deepest fear; fear has no power then, and you are free\" -Jim Morrison

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Old 12-06-2005, 11:38 AM
Razor Razor is offline
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Hey Jake, try this link:

Scroll down to Massachusetts...You might find an organization that is close to you. Most public Dungeons and play areas, are happy to interview and invite couples who are into the lifestyle. The majority of these groups that cater to spankos and the like, are heavily moderated and provide a safe place to play, either in private or in front of others.
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Old 12-06-2005, 02:29 PM
German Spanker German Spanker is offline
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Welcome to the forum. I'm also from Germany (thats the reason of my stupid username)

65 % Dom + 35 % Sub = 100 % Switch
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Old 12-06-2005, 02:44 PM
Katie Spades Katie Spades is offline
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Default welcome to the forum!

Enjoy! And uh, Razor: Jake doesn't need any help!
The Princess of Spanking™
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